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10 Minute Workouts For Busy Lives

10 minute workout scaled

In today’s busy world finding time to work out can be tricky. With work, family, friends and other commitments, squeezing in an hour’s run or getting to the gym to take a class often seems unrealistic.

For those keen to get fit but short of time, breaking an exercise routine into short quick sessions can be easier to manage and can give better results.

Eastnine trainer Ania Gabb has shared her 10 minute per day workout series:

  • Day one – start the week with a brisk walk. Before breakfast, after lunch, when the kids have gone to bed, round the garden, round the block or to the supermarket, the possibilities are endless
  • Day two – try an upper body strength session. If you have dumbbells, that’s great, if not tins of beans work just as well
  • Day three – go for a 10-minute jog. Don’t think about it – just grab your running shoes, get out and breathe in that fresh air. If you really want to challenge yourself try a hilly route
  • Day four – stretch your body and clear your mind with 10 minutes of yoga – hatha or ashtanga are great options you can do at home with just a mat. If you can, try to fit it in before work to start the day on a positive note
  • Day five – it’s time for HIIT. High intensity workouts are great for optimising time. Try doing a HIIT circuit with squats, front lunges and side lunges. Simply do each exercise for 30 seconds, one after another, then rest for two mins before repeating twice more
  • Day six – let’s lunge! Get your legs moving with a quick lower body workout
  • Day seven – finish the week on a high with a final stretch session 

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