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Breaking Ground: ZONE3 Unveils the World’s First Biodegradable Performance-Focused Wetsuit, The Vision

Biodegradable WetSuit worn by swimmer as they come out of the sea

ZONE3 proudly announces the launch of the world’s first biodegradable performance-focused wetsuit, the latest iteration of the ZONE3 Vision, where innovation and performance meet sustainability.  

The game-changing Vision wetsuit takes ZONE3’s award-winning wetsuit to new heights, with the new model using biodegradable rubber – Terraprene.

The latest creation from cutting-edge neoprene specialists, Yamamoto, the  Terraprene material preserves high quality and performance that ZONE3 wetsuits are renowned for, whilst being able to biodegrade entirely in landfill conditions. 

The new ZONE3 Vision is not like other wetsuits. Once the wetsuit reaches the end of its swim adventure lifecycle,  the Terraprene material can decompose completely in landfill conditions.

Testing shows that the material will be nearly a third decomposed within just 2 years, compared to traditional neoprene which is non-biodegradable and can remain in landfill for over 100 years.

The material continues to break down until full decomposition, yet doesn’t experience any decomposition during normal swimming or storage.

The ZONE3 Vision offers a huge leap forward and ZONE3 are committed to their continued improvement in the sustainable performance of their products.  

Users of the ZONE3 Vision will also have the option to return the suit to ZONE3 at the end of its life, where the lining and zips will be stripped and recycled, before sending the Terrapene material to landfill to biodegrade. 

Samuel Westlake, Product Designer for ZONE3, said “As recipients of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and  Innovation, ZONE3 have always been at the forefront of product development.

With this launch, we aim to bridge the gap between offering a sustainable product alongside ZONE3’s passion for performance products.

While the new Terraprene Vision wetsuit may just seem like the next step in the innovative sustainability roadmap for ZONE3, it is the first performance wetsuit on the market with improved sustainability credentials.

The wetsuit truly is a  world first and a great leap forward in making the sport of triathlon more sustainable.“ 

Part of a wave in sustainable product development, the ZONE3 Vision joins a range of products aiming to protect the planet and our oceans through more sustainable manufacturing.

The Terraprene Vision joins the ZONE3  RENEW Open Water swimwear (made from recycled bottles), and the ZONE3 YULEX range of open water swimwear and accessories made from a plant-based alternative to neoprene as part of ZONE3’s commitment to protect the oceans for future generations.  

ZONE3 have continued to update and adapt and update their popular products, including the 100% Recycled Heat Tech Change Robe and Recycled Buoys and Tow floats, to help play their part in ensuring everyone can enjoy our planet’s natural environments and waterways for generations to come.  

The ZONE3 Vision will be available from February 28th with an RRP of £399. 

For the full ZONE3 sustainable range, visit: