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UK’s Fittest Man 2020 Zack George Reveals His Strategies In New Book ‘Start Where Others Stop’

zak george uks fittest man

ZACK GEORGE (AKA ‘Silverback’) is one of the world’s top Crossfit athletes, a fitness influencer and officially the UK’s Fittest Man 2020 having come first at the UK CrossFit Open. He has graced the cover of Men’s Health Magazine and regularly contributes to GQ.

Zack George knows exactly what it’s like to struggle with motivation. As a child, he was severely overweight and deeply unhappy in his body; but now, he is the UK’s fittest man.

Revealing the strategies that Zack has used to become an elite athlete and one of the fittest men in the world, Start Where Others Stop is an empowering and practical guide for anyone with a goal.

Whether it’s related to fitness, weight, work, relationships or more, this book is a personalised plan to building the mentality that will help you get to where you want to be.

With science-backed exercises interwoven throughout Zack’s personal story – including his attempts to build a career as a personal trainer, setting up his own gym, and confronting the fact that he is one of the few leading Black athletes in his sport – this an honest and practical blueprint to achieving your goals.

What you learn [from training] can transfer over to every area of your life – from your job to your family, friendships and relationships.

Take a simple running workout: you’ve got 10 sprint intervals to do and, even if you really want to, you don’t sack it off after the seventh or eighth. The more you do what you set out to do, the easier it becomes. It snowballs. And you begin to love it.”

Start Where Others Stop9 strategies for optimising your mind by Zack George is published by Seven Dials on 29 April 2021 in hardback at £16.99 (eBook: £8.99) ♫ audiobook available