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Campaign To Combat Concerns Of Young People


By David Saunders | UPDATED: 11:28, 29 April 2020

Young people are being urged to use their creativity and build their skills whilst in lockdown.

The charity, Youth Leads UK, has launched ‘Unleash Your Voice’, a campaign that will see young people contributing to the youth-led publication Xplode Magazine.

Young people have said that they are facing increased mental health and wellbeing concerns alongside feelings of loneliness, financial instability and many are feeling overwhelmed as a result of coronavirus.

The new campaign aims to give young people positive activities to do and digital opportunities to develop their skills through a brand new online resource hub housing information, advice and guidance.

Young people who get involved will get online support to write articles, interview people using digital technology and develop their life skills focusing on personal finances, health and careers.

‘Unleash Your Voice’ comes as a result of young people missing out on the employability-based work that would’ve ordinarily been delivered in these final six months of school and college.

Saeed Atcha MBE DL, CEO of Youth Leads UK, said: “We decided to launch Unleash Your Voice first as a way to tackle the lack of things to do leading to an increase in mental health concerns but also because we know that young people will be hit the hardest by the coronavirus shut down due to how many of them have already lost their jobs or are on zero-hours contracts earning nothing at the moment.”

“This is a way they can be developing their skills, building their portfolio and have some work to take to job interviews. As a charity, we stand ready to help fuel the nation’s recovery in the months to come and this is just the start.”

Young people aged 14-24 can get involved through the Youth Leads website at and the best articles will be printed and circulated to schools, colleges, youth centres and other youth settings later in the year.