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10 Weird And Wonderful Yoga Events Across The UK This Summer

10 weird and wonderful yoga events across the UK this summer

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 05 June 2020

Eventbrite reveals demand for all kinds of yoga has risen dramatically on their platform, with yogis seeking everything from rave, hip hop and reggae yoga to shavasanas with goats and even a pint of beer – as the big smoke beats New York, LA and San Francisco to be crowned Number 1 for yoga events in world.

Research conducted by Eventbrite, has revealed the UK is the Yoga capital of the World, beating New York, LA and San Francisco.

AS YOGIS all over the world gear up to celebrate International Yoga Day (Friday 21st June) new data from events and technology platform Eventbrite reveals London is the capital of yoga. In 2018 alone, yoga teachers across London hosted more than 2,000 events on the platform – more than in both New York (1,100 events) and LA (700 events) combined – as Londoners cite the practise helps them to release tension and feel happy.


And London isn’t the only UK city following a path of zen, data from the site reports a total of more than 6,000 yoga events were held across the country in 2018 – nearly triple the number of events compared to 2016 where just over 2,000 were staged.

Globally the picture is even greater. Since the beginning of 2014, more than 120,000 yoga events have been listed on Eventbrite by yoga fans around the world prompting over three million tickets to be issued.  With just over 3,000 yoga events listed globally on the platform in 2014 to over 40,000 in 2018, sparking a massive 1400% growth over the five year period.

What’s more, there’s now a yoga event for just about everyone, as seasoned yogis and beginners seek out different themed classes to fulfill their passions and hobbies. Specialist classes now range from animal yoga for pet lovers, to reggae yoga for music fans, there’s even beer, rave and art yoga for the more experimental.

Yin Yoga Mini-Retreat and International Yoga Day Celebration

Sunday 23rd June, Vauxhall, London – tickets available on Eventbrite from £16.58

Celebrate International Yoga Day (and the Summer Solstice) with two hours of relaxing yin yoga by Charlie Yoga. The ultimate in relaxation, this mini retreat will release tension, and centre the body through meditation, yin poses and deeply soothing breathing techniques.

Goat Yoga

Saturday 29th June, 27th July, 17th August, 7th September, Dartington – tickets available on Eventbrite from £16

Find your zen inner kid with this truly therapeutic work out for the mind, body and soul. All abilities welcome, indulge in a full hour of practising animal-themed asanas, whilst surrounded by an adorable flock of curious baby goats joining in with your downward dog! An experience to tick off your bucket list, for sure!

Yoga Nidra

Saturday 29th June, Hackney, London – tickets available on Eventbrite from £16.31

Stress and burnout don’t go well together, but thanks to Zimbayoga’s –  sleep yoga or “Yoga Nidra” – you’ll be able to ensure your body is well rested and relaxed in no time. A great stress buster and deep relaxation in one! Feel yourself drift into a deep one hour sleep as you’re guided through the flow to a limber meditative state where your unconscious really gets to work. A yoga for the mind – perfect for improving your memory, sparking your creative edge and getting in touch with your inner psyche.

Stand-up Paddleboarding Yoga

Saturday 22nd June, Portsmouth, London – tickets available on Eventbrite from £25

What could be better than breathing in the fresh sea air whilst performing yoga against the backdrop of the South Coast Wake Park? Practising on a paddle board, that’s what! This unique class will help you strengthen your core and deepen your focus while balancing on a 10-foot paddle board. Connect to your inner chakras and enjoy nature in this fun variation of yoga. Make sure to bring a towel and a change of clothes!

Disco Yoga

Thursday 27th June and Thursday 25th July, Islington, London – tickets available on Eventbrite from £13

Get groovy and go back in time with some disco yoga by Yeh Yoga. Lead by disco yoga queen Emily, expect to share in a playful and creative sequence with beginners and seasoned yogis alike, to an incredible soundtrack of your favourite 70s disco sounds. Located inside the Crabtree and Evelyn Islington Townhouse, you could even buy some beautiful fragrances and perfumes to freshen up with afterwards.

Poses & Pints Yoga

Friday 28th June, 26th July, 23rd August, Eastleigh – tickets available on Eventbrite from £13

Enjoy a relaxing yoga class immersed in of all places – a brewery!  That’s because after the omms and downward dogs, event-goers are invited to enjoy a pint of ale or chill and unwind with a glass of wine after the class.

Silent Disco Yoga and Summer Solstice Fire Ceremony

Friday 21st June, High Wycombe – tickets available on Eventbrite from £30

Let the official start of summer begin! With soothing and silent disco yoga, you’ll be able to hear class instructions with no distractions and fully engage in your practise – along with a perfectly curated playlist to really elevate your session. You can also shed any bad habits and set new goals as part of the class’s cool fire ritual to celebrate IYD.

Hip Hop Yoga

Monday 24th June, Bournemouth – tickets available on Eventbrite from £15

Are you the kind of yogi who finds regular classes a little slow-paced? Perhaps you like working out to a more upbeat soundtrack to get your blood pumping – then this is the yoga class for you! Hosted by Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, Hip Hop Yoga is exactly what it says on the tin – a perfect blend of classic hip hop beats and powerful, energetic yoga poses.

Chair Yoga

Tuesday 18th June, 25th June, Stirling, Scotland – register for free on Eventbrite

Fed up of all that lying around on the floor? Or perhaps you haven’t quite managed balancing on one leg yet? Then fear not – chair yoga is officially a thing! Suitable for all abilities, find your zen through an engaging combination of mindfulness practice and effective range of stretches and adaptations of all your favourite poses. Eliminate stress and improve your posture – all from the comfort of your seat!

Laughter Yoga

Tuesday 25th June, Liverpool – register for free through Eventbrite

Who knew the secret to good wellbeing was having a good laugh? Laughter Leader Sarah Kay did. Laughter yoga sessions combine deep breathing used in yoga and laughter exercises to lower stress levels, increase immunity, well-being and better sleep.

No humour needed – just eye contact, movement and a willingness to try is all you need to see the laughter flow freely. If your classic yoga classes aren’t doing it for you, this is definitely one for you!