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Workout Plan for Beginners

How to Write an Effective Workout Plan for Beginners scaled


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By Tiffany Porter | UPDATED: 10:00, 14 February 2021

The main goal of everyone who comes to the gym is the desire to become the owner of a beautiful and healthy body. 

To realize such a dream, many beginners prefer not to practice independently but with the supervision of a coach. 

Statistics show that 71.5 million Americans are fitness consumers, and this means that there will be a lot of work. Hence, a lot here will depend on the competence of the personal trainer and the correctness of the workout program for a beginner.

There is no doubt that you have a good knowledge base and understanding of physiology, but creating a personalized workout plan for each of your customers may be challenging. 

If you want to know how to correctly draw up an effective workout program if you are at the start of your coach career, then this article will become a step-by-step action plan. 

The Golden Rules of Creating a Workout Program for a Beginner

A good coach will never offer his clients the same training program. This approach is clear evidence of the coach’s unprofessionalism. 

Below you will find top recommendations with which you can create effective workouts for each client. 

The tips described below will be a kind of plan, where each next item will consecutively follow the previous one.

Consider Health Conditions

Not all people who come to the gym have perfect health. Moreover, visually many may appear healthy, but your first step in working with a client is to check the state of health. 

The specifics discovered at this stage will be the direction for the rest of the program. Here are the main points to keep in mind:

  • Clients who have diseases of the cardiovascular system or musculoskeletal system should get a program with an emphasis on physiotherapy exercises and with less stress, taking into account the diseases.
  • A client who underwent abdominal surgery half a year ago should not do heavy exercise. Exercising with heavy weights can pose health risks.
  • In the presence of GERD, especially during an exacerbation, it is impossible to work with a weight of more than 10 kg and it is necessary to exclude any inclinations and tension on the abdominal muscles.
  • Clients with spinal disorders need to be careful when doing back exercises.

As you can imagine, this is not the whole list of problems that your clients may have. 

Therefore, at the consultation, you should be in the role of a doctor and learn absolutely everything about their health.

Consider Age

Age plays an equally important role in building an effective workout plan. It is important to remember that the older a person is, the more difficult it will be to do a workout. Therefore, taking into account age characteristics should also be a priority. 

A professional trainer should have a clear understanding of what kind of physical activity and exercises will be suitable for a certain age.

For example, at 40 years old, it is much more difficult to build muscle mass than at a young age. Therefore, you should set realistic goals for your customers taking into account these physiological and age-specific features. 

At 60, there is no need for excessive cardio, CrossFit, and so on. The goal should be healing and general strengthening.

The Client’s Gender Matters

Female and male physiology is not very different, but there is one key factor such as testosterone. Of course, there are plenty of other things, but as a coach, you probably know about them. 

As you know, in women, muscle gain is much slower. Moreover, the goal of most of the fair sex is to lose weight. Therefore, further actions will be based on physiological characteristics, depending on gender and the desired result.

Take A Client’s Lifestyle Into Account

At this stage, you need to determine the type of work for your client. That is, how active a person is at work or whether he/she has a sedentary lifestyle. 

Based on this, it will be possible to determine the right duration of the workout. For example, those who are constantly sitting need a good cardio load. Also, do not forget to advise the client on the importance of sleeping mode in achieving a good effect in the gym.

Analyze Body Features

To get an understanding of this point, you will need to do some light workout for your client. You will need to pay attention to flexibility, stretching, speed of recovery, muscle fatigue, endurance, and initial physical fitness.

What is all this for? Any training planning should be aimed at minimizing negative consequences. And this means that a person who has not gone to the gym before should not exercise according to the same plan as a person who has been training for half a year. The above points will help you create your workout so that the client will not feel pain and quickly recover from workouts.

Create a Quality Stretching Program

Many people underestimate the importance of stretching in an effective workout. However, very often clients complain of back pain during the deadlift. 

The reason for this is the low level of stretching. The client simply cannot reach the floor with his hands, which in turn gives an extra load when performing not only the aforementioned exercise but all others.

Therefore, if you want your clients to not suffer from pain over time, but only to receive a positive effect, teach your clients to do stretching efficiently and not for 10 minutes. 

Facts show that the more elastic the connective tissue, the less chance of injury.

Don’t Lose Sight of Endurance & Muscle Recovery Rate

Like stretching, endurance is an acquired quality. It is important to remember that this should be gradual, taking into account all of the above factors. 

The simplest but most effective option would be cardio. Again, taking into account all of the above.

How quickly muscles recover is an individual parameter that will be important to take into account and further adjust the workout program. 

According to the standard, it is believed that 2-3 days is enough for complete muscle recovery, but both the level of fitness and the speed of recovery will play a role here. 

But since you are working with a beginner, it is important to think over this point correctly and at first work on increasing endurance to increase the speed of muscle recovery.

The Final Advice

As soon as you have information on all the items that we have listed, there is little to do. 

You just need to find the right exercise based on the data. Thus, you will get the perfect workout program for a beginner, not only with an individual approach but also with the right one. 

Keep this plan in mind and help others to create a beautiful body quickly and correctly!


Tiffany Porter

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