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The Worlds Most Searched Celebrity Fitness Bodies 2021 Revealed – The Results May Surprise You!

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Online Sports Supplement, Predator Nutrition, has revealed the celebrity bodies we strive to achieve when searching for the perfect “Fitness Body” online. 

Looking at key search terms around workouts, body, legs, arms, bums and abs, they have complied the top ten male and Female Celebrity Fitness bodies that Brits are looking to replicate in real life in 2021. 

The most searched for Female Fitness Body – Jennifer Aniston 

At 52 years old, Jennifer Aniston has always had people desperate to know how she keeps her ageless looks, so it’s understandable that we Brits are searching how to get her body ourselves!

She makes the top of the list for the most searched for Celebrity Fitness Body with over 49,440 searches this year alone! 

Coming in a close second is Jennifer Lopez with 33,840 and Khloe Kardashian with over 27,840 searches this year! 

Female Celebrity Fitness Body Search Volume Per Month 
Jennifer Aniston 4120 
Jennifer Lopez 2820 
Khloe Kardashian 2320 
Gal Gadot  2090 
Margot Robbie 2070 
Jennifer Lawrence 1540 
Cameron Diaz 1450 
Kate Beckinsale 1130 
Jessica Alba 1130 
Halle Berry  1030 

Khloe Kardashian Beats J-Lo For most Searched for Bum!! 

For years Jennifer Lopez was seen to have the best Bum in the Business, but it seems that Khloe Kardashian has taken her crown! 

Khloe, well known for her “Revenge Body” workouts, has pipped J-Lo to the post for Queen of Bums, receiving over 12,000 searches when J-Lo received a mere 10,560 in 2021! 

The most searched Male Fitness Body Chris Hemsworth

The Thor star undeniably has the best fitness body in the Business – and we Brits are keen to replicate his looks! He makes the top of the most searched for Male Fitness Body with a massive 55,320 searches this year! A close second is heartthrob Zac Efron with 54,000 searches, followed by Superman Henry Cavil with 42,840 searches.  

Male Celebrity Fitness Body Search Volume Per Month 
Chris Hemsworth 4610 
Zac Efron 4500 
Henry Cavill 3570 
Arnold Schwarzenegger 1890 
Michael B.Jordan 1590 
Jason Statham 1510 
Chris Pratt 1380 
Dwayne Johnson 1230 
Jason Momoa 1210 
Hugh Jackman 1050 

Zac Efron Takes the Lead in Three Categories Over Chris Hemsworth!! 

Although Chris Hemsworth has the overall most searched for Celebrity Fitness Body – Zac Efron pipped the Australian Star in three of the overall six categories. 

When looking to replicate Physique, Bum and Abs, it’s Efron who takes the lead with a combined 3760 per month to Hemsworth’s 2,800!