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Unlocking Success: The Game-Changing Alliance Between World Rugby and Wiz-Team

World Rugby Wiz-Team

In a significant move for the world of rugby, World Rugby has solidified a multi-year partnership with Wiz-Team, designating them as the Official Supplier of its Tournament Management System (TMS).

This collaboration marks a pivotal step in revolutionizing the operational delivery of major rugby competitions globally.

Wiz-Team’s Event-Works, a fully integrated event and data management solution, will serve as the backbone of World Rugby’s tournament operations.

This comprehensive system will streamline various aspects of event management, including accreditations, arrivals, departures, accommodation, workforce organization, volunteer management, guest services, and media operations.

Mark Huddleston, World Rugby’s Director of Events Services, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “These data management services will play an integral part within World Rugby’s operations as we transition to our new hosting model for future tournaments and streamline our operational and implementation mechanism.”

Echoing Huddleston’s sentiments, Wiz-Team’s COO, Tim Goethals, expressed excitement about the opportunity to enhance the tournament delivery and overall experience for everyone involved.

He highlighted the importance of replication, scalability, and efficiency in meeting the dynamic demands of sports events and entertainment.

This long-term collaboration positions Wiz-Team as a key player in World Rugby’s digital transformation journey and broader implementation of its new event management model.

As rugby enthusiasts eagerly anticipate upcoming tournaments, this partnership promises to elevate the sport’s global appeal and enhance the experience for players, media, and VIP guests alike.