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Golfing 101: Looking After Your Handicap During Winter

Close-up of a golf player on course aiming for put shot during a tournament

There is nothing better than a round of golf either by yourself or with friends on a warm summer’s day. So, what can you do during the winter months?

Winter is a tough time of year for golfers because it can be hard to get a round in when the weather is so unpredictable, but you will want to protect your handicap and keep your skills sharp.

Some state that golf clubs close in winter but this is not always true, so keep reading to learn how you can stay sharp in winter.

Wear the Right Clothing

While there will be times when the weather stops you from playing, you will find that there is still a lot of time over winter when you can play golf. It might not be a nice warm day, but there is nothing wrong with a bit of cold weather, particularly if you have the right clothing.

You will find base layers to be helpful at this time of the year as well as a golf jacket that you can wear (waterproof is a good idea just in case!)

Keep Practicing Your Swing

Golf is a game all about mechanics, so it is important that you keep practising your swing even if you are unable to get out and enjoy 18 holes. You could use your fairway woods at the driving range to keep your swing sharp and to iron out any kinks or even practice your putting at home to keep on top of your short game. Winter can also be a good time to really improve on your swing, so you might find this time to be useful. 

Keep Your Balls Warm

You also need to consider the balls that you are using during the colder months. The drop in temperature can cause the material to lose resiliency, which can reduce velocity. Therefore, you want to try to keep your golf balls at room temperature to optimize performance during the winter months. 

Stay Properly Equipped

You also want to ensure that you are properly equipped to play in winter. You should use drivers with a higher loft and use high-vis balls so that they do not get lost when playing as visibility can be an issue. 

Keep Playing

Finally, you simply want to find a way to keep playing throughout winter. Going to the driving range will be better than not playing at all and you might find that a lesson or two could help you to improve your game during this time so that you can impress your friends when the warm weather comes around again.

Hopefully, this post will help you to keep your game sharp during the winter months and allow you to enjoy playing regardless of the weather.