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Community Of Over 8,000 Likeminded Individuals Winning Type 2 Diabetes Together

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By David Saunders | UPDATED: 11:28, 11 March 2020

If you or friends are diabetic then you might be dealing with both the physical impact of type 2 diabetes as well as the mental side of it too

From doctor appointments, to restricting your diet, the restraints and worries of the disease can have a huge effect on your social life.

Luckily, online communities exist that offer extra support from individuals who are experiencing the same thing!

CuraLife ( has a wonderful community on Facebook!  Search ‘winning type 2 diabetes together’ on facebook and join a community of over 8,000 likeminded individuals who are sharing their successes and tips for winning type 2 diabetes together.

‘Winning Type 2 Diabetes Together’ is a supportive community for everyone suffering from high or erratic glucose levels, with an emphasis on type 2 diabetes. This group is your one-stop-shop to find support, knowledge, lifestyle tips and recipes; whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been coping with the condition for years.

‘Winning Type 2 Diabetes Together’ is a safe and transparent community. In addition to CuraLife’s support and content, feel comfortable asking questions, helping others, starting or joining discussions with people coping with the same challenges as you, and making friends.

Herbal Support

CuraLife are the creators of the all natural supplement CuraLin (RRP £59.00, is a specially tailored natural formula that promotes healthy and balanced blood sugar levels and insulin production in those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

The nutritional supplement is made from a mixture of ten natural ingredients, which work with the body to help balance the blood sugar profile.

Dr Sarah Brewer recommends CuraLin for those suffering with type 2 diabetes due to the positive effects reported and measured by its users.

Dr Brewer explains, “The blend of 10 Ayurvedic herbs within CuraLin have a range of beneficial effects on glucose control and metabolism. As a result, users report that their glucose control quickly improves and, in some cases, normalises within 4 weeks.

Users also report reduced cravings for sweet food, and experience improved energy, sleep and general quality of life.

CuraLin Users Report their Fantastic Results

CuraLin has a large and growing number of customer testimonials crediting the supplement for its huge help in managing type 2 diabetes. Take Kevan for example, a retired voiceover from Sutton Coldfield

“Since taking CuraLin my quality of life has improved massively – I do check my blood sugar levels everyday and when I am combining CuraLin with a fairly healthy diet my levels range between 4.5 and 5.5. I’m thrilled with these figures! Thanks to this I’ve reduced the amount of Metformin I take by half and I will stop when they run out.”

Kevan adds, “CuraLin had a massive and immediate effect – I’ve been taking CuraLin for at least a year now and these results are consistent. I’ve also found that now, after taking the recommended dosage for a long time, I can slowly reduce the amount of CuraLin I take and my figures remain level.”

“With these great results I recommend CuraLin to the diabetic groups I participate in, both online and offline.”