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Fear Of Rejection Tops The List Of Reasons Why Young People Miss Out On NYE’s Midnight Kiss


Looking out for reasons that might prevent people from taking a step towards the midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve, Note Cosmetics conducted a study that revealed that one-third of Brits are not fans of New Year’s Eve traditions at all while 18-24 year-olds avoid the midnight smooch due to fear of rejection.

Note Cosmetics, a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free makeup brand, surveyed 1,000 of Brits on their attitudes towards New Year’s Eve kiss and discovered what the country’s major turn-offs are.

While the majority expressed their dislike of New Year’s Eve traditions overall (31.4%), bad breath (26.2%) is a close second reason why people in the UK decide not to kiss when the clock strikes midnight on 31st December.

Being too drunk and fear of rejection secured the third spot, with 13.7% and 12.4% respectively.

For 18-24-year-olds, fear of rejection plays the most important part in not kissing someone on New Year’s Eve, followed closely by their dislike of NYE traditions and bad breath.

Being too drunk is the least of a concern for this age group with only 9% backing this option. However, for women in this age group lipstick smudging is also an important factor to consider when it comes to the midnight kiss, more so than bad breath and being too drunk.

In order to debunk stereotypes about the midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve, Note Cosmetics consulted Ph.D. Leslie Becker-Phelps, a psychologist and the author of Bouncing Back from Rejection about how to overcome this fear and she said: “Fear of rejection is like any other fear — it’s your body’s signal that there is danger.

If you don’t want fear ruling your life, get to know it. Pay attention to how it feels in your body, to how it inhabits your thoughts and emotions.

As you do, its power will diminish, and you can then decide to pursue the life you want — the career of your dreams, the relationship you’ve always wanted, or even the simple joy of a midnight kiss.”

Other reasons that might spoil the midnight kiss for the people in the UK regardless of age include pressure (7%) and lipstick smudging (4%).

On the back of these insights, Note Cosmetics shares four tips to make this New Year’s Eve the one to remember:

  • Enjoy yourself – celebration of New Year is one big party after all, so make sure you have fun!
  • Surround yourself with people you care about the most!
  • Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable – NYE always brings outfit pressures! Have a look at your wardrobe and pick what makes you feel comfortable, leaving the outfit pressures behind.
  • If you are pursuing your midnight kiss, leave all lipstick smudging worries at home and use kiss-proof lipstick such as Mattever Lip Ink that will ensure your makeup is on point after midnight too.