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Fitbit Study Reveals: Ellie Goulding’s Workout Burns MORE Calories than Kim K and Beyonce

Which Celebrity Workout Burns The MOST Calories 1 1

It’s human nature to feel envious of the celebrity lifestyle we hear about; with the likes of Kim Kardashian-West and Beyonce being all of our #bodygoals and fitness inspirations, it isn’t as difficult as you first thought to bag the body of your favourite celebrity.

The fitness experts at decided to look into the different celebrity workouts to find out which one would burn the most calories

After surveying fitness enthusiasts, they found the 10 most popular celebrity workouts. Over the course of two weeks a UK average weighted man and woman were assigned a Fitbit to put to the test which workout would ultimately burn the most calories. *    

The Results

The celebrity workout that burned the most calories is Ellie Goulding’s, with the female participant burning 573 calories during the workout, whilst the male participant burned 679 calories. 

To stay fit, the “Burn” singer incorporates weighted squats, push-ups, kickboxing, deadlifts, weighted lunges and inverted crunches in her workout routine, and it proved to have the highest results. 

In second place is unsurprisingly the fitness ‘guru’ herself, Kim Kardashian-West, with her workout burning 552 calories for the woman, whilst the man burned 664 calories. 

Kim has been an advocate for working out and adopting nutritious diets for as long as we can remember, so it’s no wonder her hourglass figure is no easy achievement.

In third place is another of the Kardashian clan – Kourtney Kardashian with her workout burning 497 calories for the woman and 598 for the man. 

In fourth place is JLO’s routine – burning 489 calories for the female who participated in the research, whilst the male participant burned 579 calories.

In fifth place is the queen herself, Beyonce, with her workout burning 475 calories (woman) and 556 calories (man). 

Burning the least calories is Margot Robbie’s inspired Pilates class – the female participant burned just 195 calories, whilst the male participant burned 225 calories!

Owen Hutchins, Founder of MyVitalMetrics has provided his comments on the study:

“Ellie Goulding’s workout burned more because Ellie has selected 6 great compound exercises for her workout. These exercises are overall moving more of the body’s mass through a more complex movement than some of the other trainers, and ultimately this will burn more calories. 

Kim and Kourtney’s workouts ultimately burned more than Khloe’s simply because they were 10 minutes longer. However, for overall calories burned per minute, Khloe’s workout has the highest burn of the three, narrowly beating Kim’s and with Kourtney in a distant third.” 

For more information on the experiment methodology taken out by MyVitalMetrics, the workouts and which one had the highest BPM, check out the blog here.