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Where Is The Fart Capital Of Britain?

windy city scaled

THE university city of Oxford has won a new accolade…as the farting capital of Britain, according to new research. 

Its residents pass wind an astonishing 23 times every day, compared to the national average of 15 times. 

The Oxford ‘thundergraduates’ trumped places like Leeds (22 a day), Norwich (21), Sheffield (17.5) and Newcastle (17.4) in wind-breaking research by The Collective, who create Kefir cultured drinks and yoghurts. 

The study found that Brits use some inventive ways to hide their flatulence, such as trying to hold it in (38%), moving far away from anyone else (35%), and trying to cover it up with a cough (13%). 

The poll of 2,000 people found that Brits are windy in more ways than one. The average adult burps 10 times a day, with just four in 10 people bothering to cover their mouths when they do it. 

The findings show that nine in 10 Brits think that a healthy gut is important to their general wellbeing, although one in five say they suffer with indigestion often, as well as constipation (20%) and diarrhoea (18%).  

Only a fifth (19%) of Brits are aware of the term ‘gut health’, with 48% believing that probiotics are a quick and easy way to maintain good gut health. Along with this, 45% say that reducing stress can be a helpful factor, compared to only 17% who recognise the strength of fermented foods like kefir.  

Lucy Gornall, Health & Fitness Editor at Woman & Home, said: “A healthy gut means I’m happy, relaxed and full of energy. I find that some many people are embarrassed or ashamed to talk about digestion and gut health but they really shouldn’t be! 

“We’ve all become so keen on cutting out food groups, and taking the right supplements, that we’re missing out on one of the key drivers behind an unhappy gut…STRESS! Ever noticed how when you relax and take time out, you sometimes feel that urge to go, having previously been a bit blocked up? Or, on the flip side, when you’re hard pressed to hit a deadline, and your stomach feels like a knot and your food doesn’t digest properly leaving you gassy? This is what stress does and I can totally vouch for including some stress-busting activities into your day.”

The research also revealed that 40 years old is the age at which Brits place more importance on their long-term health. Since the start of 2020, 36% of Brits have started to consume a more healthy and balanced diet, 32% have made more of an effort to walk instead of use public transport, and 26% are now taking vitamins in improve their overall health.  

Top 10 Windiest Cities in the UK (number of trumps a day!) 
Oxford 23 
Leeds 22 
Norwich 21 
Sheffield 17.5 
Newcastle 17.4 
Edinburgh 16.93 
London 16.9 
Aberdeen 16 
Glasgow 15 
Manchester 13