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Airsoft – What Kind Of Sport Is It? What Is It All About?

group playing airsoft sport

Airsoft is a unique shooting sport that deserves more recognition, as it offers something for everyone to enjoy.

It is perfect for military enthusiasts and people who would like to learn how to shoot. Through airsoft, you can enjoy a good workout – depending on your willingness and fitness.

Airsoft is also a way to meet new people and test our teamwork skills. It’s also a treat for history buffs, especially historical battles, thanks to the airsoft guns, without which this sport would not exist.

The main principles of airsoft

The basis of airsoft and its main equipment are airsoft guns. These are 1:1 scale models that can often be mistaken for real firearms – so much care is taken to reproduce even the smallest details of their real-life counterparts.

They shoot plastic or biodegradable BB pellets, making airsoft completely safe, and there are no restrictions, permits, or other formalities associated with buying and using airsoft guns. They can be purchased online, for example, from

By using airsoft guns, it can teach you to shoot accurately – at a shooting range or in your own backyard, or you can take them to an airsoft game, where our task is to defeat the opponent.

Airsoft skirmishes are a team sport in which usually two teams fight each other. Each participant is equipped with an airsoft gun, and its model depends on the nature of the skirmish and the player’s preferences.

If you are going to a skirmish organized in an open area, such as a forest, you will need an airsoft gun that can fire at longer ranges. Airsoft games are also played in enclosed spaces, such as abandoned warehouses.

They have their own name – CQB – the airsoft guns used during those skirmishes utilize less power. Manoeuvrability is also important during them, so players usually choose shorter submachine guns or assault rifles.

Lightweight and small airsoft guns are also used in speedsoft. These are very short but also the most intense skirmishes, during which you have to run, jump, crawl, and overcome obstacles quickly.

How to join your first game?

If you want to try your hand at airsoft, you can use the services of a company that specializes in organizing airsoft skirmishes. You can rent a specific area and play with friends or join a public game.

It is usually also possible to rent airsoft equipment and receive a brief training on how to use it. This is a very good option for beginners, as no equipment needs to be purchased.

The skirmish lasts about 1-2 hours, they are hosted at a forest or some abandoned place, so we can try ourselves in the most popular game scenario and see if we like this type of activity.

There are also airsoft gun enthusiasts who do not participate in team skirmishes but only shoot at targets in their backyard or collect various models. So there are plenty of possibilities, and they depend only on our preferences.