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We Are Weymouth Launches We Are Active Summer Campaign

paddleboarders in weymouth sea

It’s been 10 years since Weymouth & Portland hosted the 2012 Olympic Sailing Events and its legacy remains strong throughout the town. 

From dramatic stone sculptures built in its honour to sailing and water sports centres dotting the coastline, Weymouth & Portland is renowned for its role in the Olympics, and the excellent sea and wind conditions that lead to it being chosen to host.   

With calm waters, a steady stream of wind, easy launching and a picturesque coastline, it’s no wonder that Weymouth & Portland is the home to some of the best spots for water sports in the UK. 

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This summer, We Are Weymouth is celebrating all Weymouth has to offer with its We Are Active campaign, highlighting the enormous range of activities available to visitors and locals alike. 

From sea swimming and paddleboarding, to beach volleyball and ebikes, hiking and rambling to kite surfing and sailing – the list is endless, and Weymouth is the perfect jumping-off point to get involved. 

The Blue Health Project also looked at the benefits of not only living near blue spaces (the sea, rivers, and lakes) but also taking part in recreation in and around these spaces. 

It has concluded that: Blue spaces can benefit physical and mental health. People who live near (within 1km of) a major blue space are often physically healthier and have better mental health than those living further away.” 

In 2018 the University of Exeter found that 281 million visits were made to UK Coastlines per year, and for the majority of these the main activity was walking. 

The study found that most people head to these blue environments for relaxation and social reasons. It’s with this in mind that We Are Weymouth is encouraging visitors and locals alike to make the most of the Dorset coastline. 

Dawn Rondeau, Chief Operations Officer comments: “Weymouth is a treasure trove of activities for all the family, from local walks, paddleboarding or kayaking off the beach, to sailing, diving, horse-riding and cycling; there is so much to do right on our doorstep.

With our ‘We Are Active’ campaign we’re really hoping to showcase all that’s on offer in Weymouth and encourage locals and visitors alike to get out and do something active this Summer.

We understand that not everyone wants the adrenaline rush of coasteering or kitesurfing but being active can be as simple as a sea water dip or following our Heritage Trail through the town – steeped in history and a leisurely stroll! 

Not only are we celebrating our Olympic legacy but we’re also tying into the government campaign to get people to be more active. There’s so much on offer in Weymouth to help you enjoy the health benefits of being a little more active this Summer.” 

For those looking for something off the water, Weymouth is also home to yoga studios (who doesn’t love yoga on the beach), ghost walks, art walks and a heritage trail showcasing Weymouth’s rich history. 

There’s horse riding, ebikes on the harbour and amazing UK climbing spots on Portland.  This summer, We Are Weymouth is supporting active events taking place in the area such as Beach Volleyball or the art mural trail through the town (soon to launch).  Being active is the focus of We Are Weymouth’s summer plans.     

The team at We Are Weymouth is keen to show all the town has to offer for those looking to be active.  After a day out and about, or on the water why not stop for dinner in one of Weymouth’s award-winning restaurants or head to one of many live music menus.  Don’t forget a cocktail or glass of wine on the seafront admiring the Bay. 

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