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West Ham United Women’s Team Announces New Signing WOW Hydrate

West Ham Women WOW Hydrate

West Ham United women’s team is delighted to announce a ground-breaking partnership with WOW Hydrate as their Official Sports Hydration Partner.

The collaboration marks a significant milestone for both organisations, combining the passion and prowess of West Ham United women’s team with the innovative hydration expertise of WOW Hydrate.

West Ham Women WOW Hydrate

The partnership signifies a shared commitment to excellence, performance, and the well-being of athletes.

WOW Hydrate will serve as the Official Sports Hydration Partner for West Ham United women’s team, providing advanced hydration products and support to optimise the players’ performance on and off the field.

“We are thrilled to welcome WOW Hydrate as our Official Sports Hydration Partner,” said Nathan Thompson, Chief Commercial Officer of West Ham United.

“Hydration is a crucial aspect of our players’ preparation and partnering with WOW Hydrate ensures that our athletes have access to the best hydration solutions available.

“We look forward to a successful collaboration that benefits our team’s performance and overall well-being.”

West Ham Women WOW Hydrate

WOW Hydrate UK is renowned for its innovative and science-backed hydration products, including the ground-breaking push-cap technology that delivers essential vitamins and electrolytes at the moment of consumption.

The partnership aims to elevate the hydration strategy of West Ham United women’s team, providing the team with a competitive edge

“We are honoured to join forces with West Ham United women’s team – a club with a rich history and a commitment to excellence,” said Queenie Porter, Managing Director of WOW Hydrate.

“Our mission at WOW Hydrate is to revolutionise hydration and this partnership allows us to support elite athletes with our cutting-edge products.

“We look forward to contributing to the success of the team and fostering a relationship that promotes health, performance and innovation.”

As part of the partnership, Queenie will also take up a new role as one of the Vice Presidents of the women’s team.

Joining existing Vice Presidents, Mickey Cornwell and Ghulam Alahi, Queenie will be providing her expertise, as the team looks to continue its growth both on and off the field.

The collaboration will extend beyond the pitch, with joint community initiatives and engagement activities planned to promote the importance of hydration and well-being among fans and the wider community.

Stay tuned for exciting updates from West Ham United women‘s team and WOW Hydrate as they embark on this collaborative journey, uniting sports excellence, and hydration innovation.