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Why You Should Be Wearing SPF Every Day

Just because it’s September now, doesn’t mean that SPF should be forgotten about. In fact, it’s just as important as any other (sunnier) month ☀️… But, what SPF should you be wearing?

A new tool released by Cosmetify reveals which SPF you should be using based on where you live in the UK, as well as providing expert advice on how to care for your skin, come rain or shine…
You can view the tool here:

Use this handy tool to find your average UV rating for each month, (or find up to date figures from the Met Office) and use the following guide from Cosmetify to determine the level of protection you’ll need:

UV IndexRecommended SPFReapplyOther Protections
Low Risk: 0-215Every 2 hoursSunglasses
Medium Risk: 3-530Every 2 hoursSunglassesHat
High Risk: 6-730Every 2 hoursSunglassesHatShadeSPF lip balm
Very High Risk: 8-1050Every 2 hoursSunglassesHatShadeSPF lip balmFind shade between 10am-4pm
Extremely High Risk: 11+50Every 2 hoursSunglassesHatShadeSPF lip balmStay indoors between 10am-4pm

When it comes to protecting your skin from the sun, Iman Bokolo, PR Manager comments:

“One of the biggest beauty and health hacks is SPF, and sadly it is forgotten about or deemed not important. Even on cloudy days, the sun is so powerful that up to 80% of the rays can pass through clouds, and even snow can reflect up to 80% of UV rays. Not only this, but the higher the altitude, the greater exposure, so going for a hike on a cloudy day definitely calls for SPF.

Most of us know the importance of SPF in summer, but it should be considered a year-round health measure. No matter your skin colour, sunscreen should be your number one health and beauty tool. Even if you wear foundation, for maximum protection SPF should be applied directly on the skin.

Not only does it protect your skin from harmful UV rays and lowers your skin cancer risk, but it prevents premature skin aging and helps to maintain a smooth and even skin tone.

When choosing your sun cream, make sure to check the UVA protection as well as the SPF, opting for a product with at least 4-star UVA protection.

You should also choose a lip balm with SPF in order to protect the delicate and fragile skin on your lips. For full protection, choose a hair protector that moisturises and protects from harmful UV rays.

Once you have the right protection, make sure to use it right by reapplying after swimming, towel drying, or sweating, especially in significantly warmer weather You should also reapply every two hours to make sure you are well protected, ensuring to apply liberally to any part of your skin that is exposed.”

Leah Armitage, from Alpha Aesthetics comments:

“Sun protection is so often overlooked but it needs to be worn every day, regardless of the weather and regardless of your skin type. The best SPF (sun protection factor) are products which contain zinc or titanium dioxide and are referred to as physical or mineral sun protection. 

This type reflects UV radiation away from the skin, whereas a chemical sunscreen, which is usually more oily and alcohol-based, absorbs UV radiation and disperse it as heat. Physical sunscreens are also more appropriate for those with sensitive skin such as rosacea because there are less chemical ingredients.

Chemical sunscreens, however, are better for those who exercise frequently as they absorb quicker and do not tend to sweat off as quickly.

That being said, always check the product as most will need reapplying every 2 hours for maximum efficacy. Always make sure you apply to your face but do not neglect your neck and hands! 

Make sure your products are marked 4 stars for UVA and that the UVA label is in a circle. Make sure it also covers UVB. UVA is responsible for ageing and accounts for 95% of UV radiation and is the same intensity every single day.

UVB is responsible for burning and the intensity fluctuates throughout the seasons and time of day.“

You can view Cosmetify’s SPF guide by clicking here.