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Usain Bolt’s 10th Anniversary World Record of 9.58 Seconds Celebrated

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Ten years ago, Usain Bolt broke his record to become the fastest in the world by effortlessly blowing away his record of 9.69 seconds. No one, especially the crowd in Berlin, will ever forget the sight of Usain ‘Lightning’ Bolt winning gold.

PUMA shows their love and appreciation for their now-retired Olympic athlete by celebrating the sprinter’s anniversary.

The sports brand will present Bolt with a one-of-a-kind portrait created by the famous Swiss artist David Diehl. PUMA commissioned this painting because it was the perfect way to capture Usain’s persona and his love for sports.

  • Athletics: the image used as inspiration was taken the day he broke the World Record and was named “The Fastest Man on Earth.”
  • Soccer: Diehl was chosen to create this painting because of his work in the football world, he’s crafted several football icons’ profiles.
  • Usain St. Leo Bolt: his name, Diehl’s artwork resembles Byzantine icons, making him look like a real-life saint.

“To be able to celebrate and commemorate the 10th anniversary of Usain’s record is something that happens once in a lifetime. He’s symbol of excellence for everyone, especially athletes, all around the globe, and in many ways, he has been the starting point for who we are as a brand. Usain is the embodiment of Forever Faster and the essence of PUMA’s brand DNA. We have been working with him since he was a teenager and ever since, he has been our icon… our inspiration. We have been blessed to have him as a member of our PUMA family”

Adam Petrick, Global Brand and Marketing Director for PUMA

The Theseus Pro sprint spike, dubbed the PUMA YAAM, is the famous shoe that helped propel Bolt to victory that memorable night.

The ‘PUMA Archive’ at the sports brand’s headquarters in Herzogenaurach is now the cherished keepsake for Usain’s record breaker’s spikes and singlet.

In the years leading up to that race, PUMA designers and technicians spent countless hours studying Bolt’s stride and foot form to produce those memorable, bright orange spikes the Jamaican wore to conquer the track.