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Usain Bolt Tops Greatest World Championships Moments Countdown

usain bolt worlds greatest athletics moments

To mark the momentous occasion of the 40th anniversary of the World Athletics Championships, fervent fans hailing from all corners of the globe were eagerly invited to participate in a historic vote.

Their mission: to select the most awe-inspiring moments that had graced the championship stage over the past four decades.

With enthusiasm abound, thousands of dedicated fans enthusiastically embraced the opportunity, casting their votes with unwavering passion.

After careful deliberation, one extraordinary display of athleticism stood tall among the rest, capturing the hearts and minds of the sporting community.

It was none other than Usain Bolt’s extraordinary and record-shattering performance at the 2009 World Athletics Championships in Berlin.

This monumental achievement rightfully claimed the top spot, etching its place in the illustrious 40-year history of the event.

The unveiling of the 40 greatest World Championships moments commenced on 30th June and continued on 6 July and 13 July

Discover the top 10 World Championships moments on the World Athletics website.

For those eager to immerse themselves in this captivating countdown, the esteemed World Athletics website serves as the gateway to discover the pinnacle of these 40 legendary moments.

The chronological timeline of these extraordinary moments stretches across all 18 editions of the World Championships, ensuring a comprehensive representation of the event’s illustrious past.

From the earliest beginnings to the most recent triumphs, each chapter of this storied championship is woven seamlessly into the countdown, creating a mosaic of sheer athleticism and indomitable spirit.

Embrace the opportunity to relive the thrill and relish in the glory of the top 10 World Championships moments.

The fervour of the fans has spoken, and their voices echo through the annals of sporting history, forever commemorating the awe-inspiring performances that have graced this prestigious event.