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Elevate Your Summer Runs with Under Armour’s Speed Essentials

Runner wearing UA Velocity sneakers

As summer approaches, runners gear up to take on the challenge of blazing through the heat with agility and speed.

Under Armour, renowned for its innovation in athletic wear, unveils its latest collection tailored for those who aim to run light and free while maximizing performance.

Developed and tested alongside elite athletes like Sharon Lokedi and Adam Fogg, these summer speed essentials promise to elevate your running experience to new heights.

Unisex UA Velociti Elite 2 Running Shoes – £225.00

Unisex UA Velociti Elite 2 Running Shoes

Step into power and speed with the Unisex UA Velociti Elite 2 Running Shoes, engineered for marathon-level performance.

Featuring a full-length carbon plate, these shoes provide unparalleled propulsion, propelling you towards victory with every stride.

The innovative rubberless UA Flow cushioning not only reduces weight but also enhances grip, ensuring stability and agility on any terrain.

Weighing at a mere 8.2 ounces and boasting an 8mm offset, these shoes are the ultimate choice for runners seeking to conquer long distances with unmatched speed.

Men’s UA Launch Elite Wash Short Sleeve – £60.00

Men’s UA Launch Elite Wash Short Sleeve

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and performance with the Men’s UA Launch Elite Wash Short Sleeve.

Under Armour’s groundbreaking fabric technology, engineered to pull heat away from the skin, keeps you cool and composed even during intense workouts.

With flattened fibres and scientific precision, this shirt enables you to maintain peak performance without compromising on comfort.

Whether you’re sprinting towards the finish line or embarking on a leisurely jog, this shirt ensures you stay cool, dry, and focused on your goals.

Men’s UA Launch Elite 5” Shorts – £45.00

Men’s UA Launch Elite 5” Shorts

Forge ahead with confidence in the Men’s UA Launch Elite 5” Shorts, the ultimate companion for your summer runs.

Crafted with lightweight, stretchy fabric, these shorts allow unrestricted movement, enabling you to unleash your full potential with every stride.

Equipped with a built-in liner, they keep you cool and comfortable throughout your run, while the back drop-in pockets provide convenient storage for energy gels, ensuring you stay fueled and focused on the track.

The side split design offers enhanced flexibility, allowing you to move freely and effortlessly conquer any distance.

Men’s UA Launch Lightweight Jacket – £90.00

Men’s UA Launch Lightweight Jacket

Don’t let unfavourable weather dampen your spirits or your training regime.

The Men’s UA Launch Lightweight Jacket is your go-to solution for unpredictable conditions.

Crafted from breathable materials, this jacket offers protection from the elements without weighing you down, allowing you to maintain your momentum regardless of the weather forecast.

Whether it’s a sudden downpour or a chilly breeze, this jacket ensures you stay dry, comfortable, and focused on your performance.

Prepare to dominate the summer running season with Under Armour’s speed essentials.

From cutting-edge footwear to high-performance apparel, each piece is meticulously designed to enhance your speed, agility, and overall running experience.

Embrace the freedom of movement, elevate your performance, and seize your moment on the track with Under Armour’s summer speed essentials.