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Training Today App Announces Launch Of Bespoke Running Workouts


Using the advanced capabilities of an Apple Watch combined with its own special algorithm, the Training Today App offers a simple, accurate readiness-to-train (RTT) score to help an individual reach their training and lifestyle goals.

The Training Today App constantly monitors Apple Watch’s health data, tracking factors such as Heart Rate Variability (HRV), sleep and workout detection, to offer a real-time, and user-friendly, readiness to train (RTT) score.


What makes the Training Today App particularly special is in how this information is interpreted; clearly communicated via a number and colour-based chart system, with detailed graphs and extra analytics available to paid-for subscribers.

Multi-day charts – with insights offered throughout the day enable users to identify common triggers and patterns in their own scores, helping them to understand and adapt their lifestyle choices accordingly.

The Training Today App is constantly being reviewed and developed, and the team are excited to announce the launch of their brand new ‘dynamic run workout sets’ – structured run sessions that are recommended based on a user’s own Readiness to Train (RTT) score. 


Created by their expert coaching team, workouts can be selected from five categories; Strength, Aerobic Endurance, Speed Endurance, Speed or Recovery

Once selected, a user can select a “Challenge Level” – from Easy, Reduced, Normal, Elevated, or Challenging.

By default, a challenge level that matches the users’ current RTT score will be selected and this will adjust details of the set, such as heart rate zones to work in and suggested duration. 

Once happy with their selected set and challenge level, the workout is created and is sent directly to their Apple Watch.

This can then be easily accessed via the Apple Watch App, through which the user is guided through their session, with the Training Today app then going on to indicate that the set has been successfully completed.

Further updates are also planned for the coming months; including the introduction of full training plans and workouts that cover additional sports, such as swimming and cycling.

Founder and Managing Director of the Training Today App, Ian Blackburn, has over 20 years in the app industry, also running a successful blog on using Apple Watch for triathlons “The Apple Watch Triathlete” and has published an ebook called “How to train like an IronMan with Apple Watch”. 

Ian is incredibly excited about the launch of the new dynamic workouts, and he said: “This is a pivotal development for the Training Today App, and signals the hard work that is going on behind the scenes to create the most intuitive and user-friendly fitness app.”

Ian continues, “I have used an Apple Watch for many years, and have found that although the metrics are superb, they are simply not actionable, being difficult to interpret and analyse.

The Training Today App smooths and simplifies this data, communicating it via colour and numbers so that an individual can easily access the key pieces of information.

Our new dynamic workouts take things to a whole new level, offering users the opportunity to not only see their RTT score but also put it into practice, and this is only the start for us as we continue to grow and develop.”

The dynamic workouts have been developed with the support of an industry-leading coaching team including Head Coach of the Training Today App and Goalspecific Coaching, Ade Bungay. 

Ade says, “It’s an absolute pleasure to work with Ian, and to have support with the curation and development of the new running workouts.

As a coach, it’s not always possible to understand where an athlete is at, based on how they happen to be feeling on the day and RTT offers a really valuable insight into what is taking place physiologically, helping to safely guide their training and lifestyle choices.

I’m very much looking forward to helping develop the range of workouts available, offering athletes of all levels access to a range of personalised workout choices. 

The Training Today app is free to download and is compatible with iOS devices. Subscriptions are available from £2.95 a month or £19.99 a year, with a special offer of £26.99 for a lifetime subscription currently available.

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