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Top 5 Training Practices To Get Involved In At Your College Campus

students in gym scaled

The outdoor training environment is an arena of chance for injury, and it’s important to know how to avoid injury.

As college campuses represent a vibrant system, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a workout group you can join in with.

Once you’ve found your group, here are some of the best workout suggestions for college campus training sessions.


Studying takes a toll on our back and lower body muscles, which makes squats an excellent practice for our vulnerable legs, thighs, and buttocks.

When I was working at twiftnews, this exercise helped me with my “computer posture”. What’s important about squatting is to keep your back straight, and your hands stretched in front of you so you could maintain balance and keep some weight off your legs.

It takes little space to perform this exercise and the fresh air makes breathing easier, which makes squats one of the best training routines for college premises.


It’s not a bad idea to bring training math or some sort of blanket for this one, but you can do without it if the surface is suitable enough. Now, some of you might find it difficult to find motivation for press-ups so I propose introducing a challenge to spice things up a bit.

Try taking the time it takes you to do the following:

  • Do one press-up
  • Stand up
  • Walk straight for about 10 feet
  • Do 5 press-ups
  • Return to your starting point
  • Repeat the cycle 3 times

You can try beating your best score with each new session, or even find a partner and compete who can finish the course faster.
Press-ups are good for both our body shape and cardiovascular system, even more so if you introduce elements like walking and standing up like in the example we just read.

Mountain climber

Crowded places don’t offer too many opportunities for stair-climbing, however, there’s an excellent alternative which fits right into the college campus framework requirements.

Mountain climber is an amazing cardio workout you can perform anywhere you have enough room to stretch your body over the ground in a press-up position.

This exercise requires you to move your knee forward till it touches your chest, while you maintain the rest of your body in a press-up position. Then you return your leg to its starting position and do the same cycle with your other leg.

As you get better with this workout, you can start boosting your tempo and measure the time it takes you to do a certain number of repeats.

Don’t push yourself more than is comfortable to your body, build your strength patiently. According to Dane Fletcher, one of the top bodybuilding coaches on the scene, it takes time for our body to adapt to its new mass, and rushing our muscles can lead to injuries and numerous health issues.


It would be a real surprise to find a college without a running track, which makes this form of physical activity one of the most popular ways to keep your body free of extra fat and your cardiovascular system ready to face the challenges of the student lifestyle.

I was also a member of the University track team. There was always a vast number of recreational runners attending our team morning training sessions, simply because running reduces stress, improves heart rate, and burns calories.

There’s also an academic benefit for those who run, the enhanced concentration of oxygen improves our cognitive functions, which allows us to learn faster, focus better, and think creatively.

Rope Jump

One of the most undervalued types of body exercises is actually one of the best ways to challenge your body and mind.

You can also start your training session through this drill and get yourself warmed up for more serious physical strains.

Rope jumps put your body to stress but also requires your constant attention to maintain coordination of movements and oxygen intake rhythm.

As you master the skill of rope jumping, you can try different types of jumps and further challenge your coordination skills.

Just watch out for your surroundings, when you do rope jumps, you don’t want to disturb any passersby or injure someone accidentally.

Safety and proper workout perimeter are the main elements of an outdoor workout environment, in college, or anywhere else for that matter.

These five training activities fall right into the list of requirements to perform a high-quality workout session while in college.

Communicate with your peers to get some tips and suggestions to enrich your training experience and form training partnerships.