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Tommy Fury Vows To Rename KSI, ‘KSO’ – “Knocked Straight Out!” – When The Pair Fight On Saturday 14th October

Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury has vowed to rename influencer KSI as ‘KSO’ – or, “Knocked Straight Out” – in a video released today. The pair step into the ring in Manchester on Saturday 14th October – but it is Fury who has landed the first blow with a chilling message for his opponent.

Already looking fight-ready in the video, Fury can be seen working hard in training. He hits the pads and bag, both of which carry the letters ‘KSI’ for added incentive! In one shot, he lands a left hook so powerful that it shakes a promotional poster off the wall behind him!

The video ends with a serious looking Fury staring at the camera and delivering the ‘punch line’ a week before the bout: “KSI, listen to me! On Saturday 14th October, I’m going to rename you, KSO: Knocked. Straight. Out.”

Tommy Fury said: “On Saturday 14th October, people won’t refer to KSI anymore – he’ll be known as ‘KSO’ – Knocked. Straight. Out.

The guy is a clown and he’s getting battered – simple. As you can see in the video, I am in great shape – and in no mood to mess around. The fight is in a week – but we could get in the ring tomorrow and the result would be the same. KSO.”

The video is courtesy of one of Tommy Fury’s sponsors for the fight, WeShop – the community-driven shopping app. Anyone using the app can shop, all while earning shares in the company.

The more someone uses WeShop the more they can earn in shares. The WeShop logo will appear on Fury’s shorts during the fight.