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Chef Tom Kerridge Lost 12st Tells Slimmers To Avoid THESE Foods


Tom Kerridge is helping the British public to lose weight in 2019, the chef, who has shed a staggering 12st in recent years, has shared his top tips on his new show.

TOM returned to the small screen on Thursday 10th January for the latest episode of Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start. During the episode, the Michelin-starred chef was seen encouraging families to cook homemade meals in a bid for a healthier lifestyle.

On the first installment of the BBC programme, he revealed the importance of home-cooking.

During the episode, he gave his words of wisdom to families who are not familiar in the kitchen.

Speaking to viewers, he said: “There’s just no way around it, to make lasting changes, my families must follow my three rules to bossing the kitchen.

“One, plan their meals. Two, shop from a list. Three, be clever cooks by batch cooking homemade ready meals and learning some quick and easy recipes.”

In the first episode of Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start, the TV cook admits that it can be difficult to whip up healthy and homemade meals from scratch.

To motivate himself, he tries to make an occasion of eating with his family.

Tom revealed: “For me, finding time in my busy schedule is the biggest hurdle.

“I try to ring-fence Sundays and make sure that they’re a super special day, where we can all sit down together and eat.”

The chef also urged families to ditch processed products in favour of home cooking.

He added: “Convenience food – it has to be there because it serves a purpose, it’s convenience.

“However, there has to be another route.

“The more confident we get in the kitchen, it all leads to a much healthier relationship with food.”

As well as this, Tom revealed some of the easiest and healthiest recipes to put together.

Tom also decided to follow a lesser-known diet plan.

The dopamine diet involves tucking into “dopamine-rich” foods.

This includes foods such as vegetables, hot sauce, tinned beans, hearts and spices.

Cornflour, sweeteners, spray oil, and eggs also feature on the menu when following a low-carb, high-protein diet plan.

You can catch up on these by watching the show on BBC iPlayer.