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What Happened When The World’s Strongest Man Thor “The Mountain” Bjornsson Took on CrossFit – Watch The Video Here:

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Currently, in the midst of his new career in boxing following the highly publicised win against Eddie Hall on points, Thor welcomed the Bros, Heber and Marston to his gym in Iceland where he goes head to head with Heber on a workout from last year’s CrossFit Games which the fittest athletes in the world completed

For Time


Calorie Assault Bike

Power Snatch @ 48kg/105lbs

Weighing double the amount, could the 6ft 9, 324lbs Mountain beat the seasoned 5ft 11, 162lbs CrossFitter?

Your average CrossFit athlete is typically small and a considerable amount lighter than Thor, but don’t let that fool you as his weight only plays to is an advantage on his immense power output on the bike and makes the barbell look like extremely light work, finishing in a very respectable 5:39.

Thor then takes the Bros through his area of expertise, putting them through classic strongman challenges like frame carries and atlas stones.

*About The Buttery Bros: Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers (aka The Buttery Bros) have produced and directed five of the world’s leading fitness documentaries, out-paced some world-leading athletes and had a front-row seat for the meteoric rise of the global fitness phenomenon CrossFit. 

After the boys behind the camera unexpectedly became on-screen stars with their hit YouTube Channel The Buttery Bros, they have garnered millions of views and a devout global fanbase. 

Check out the episode here on The Buttery Bros YouTube Channel.