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This Is The Most-Viewed Hole-in-One On YouTube

golf ball next to hole scaled

According to YouTube itself there are 2.3 billion Worldwide users – that’s a large audience! One single uploaded video has the potential to be viewed millions of times and (when signed up to YouTube’s Partner Program) worth thousands!

To explore this concept, Golf Support ran 30 YouTube videos* of the world’s greatest golfers scoring a hole-in-one or in golfing terms an ‘ace’ – through Influencer Marketing Hub’s YouTube Money Calculator, to determine how much each video is estimated to be worth.**

First place goes to German professional golfer Marcel Siem – that may be because he makes the shot without the ball touching the ground before it lands in the hole!

This clip has been viewed 2,916,142 times, which gives it an estimated worth of $5,395.

Skimming the ball across a lake at the Masters Tournament secures Spanish Golfer Jon Rahm second place, with a clip that has been viewed 2,652,171 times, worth an estimated $4,907.

A clip of Tiger Woods, on one of his many PGA Tours, claims third with an ace that has been viewed 2,550,680 times on YouTube, worth an estimated $4,719.

In fourth and fifth place are Vinjay Singh (2,483,758 views/$4,595) and Andy Sullivan (1,935,652 views/$3,581).

Rounding off the most-viewed videos on YouTube, in last place, is English professional golfer, Lee Westwood. This 2017 PGA Tour ace is estimated to be worth just $234.

Just before in 29th is the only female professional golfer in the Top 30 most-viewed golfers, Paula Creamer (133,577 views/$247).

German professional golfer Martin Kaymer takes 28th with an estimated worth of $285.

*Video views taken from YouTube represent live data and are subject to change. Seed list of Golfers taken from several Forbes lists.

**The Influencer Marketing Hub calculates estimated total earnings in four ways: CPM vs CPC, Estimated Gross Earnings Per 1,000 Views, Estimated Earnings Per Subscriber and Estimated Variance Based on Video Engagement. More information can be found here:
 *All YouTube earnings figures in this research are estimates.