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The Bulldog Feat. Aaron Blunck

Aaron Blunck

Aaron Blunck is a three-time U.S. Olympic halfpipe skier, X Games gold medallist and FIS Freestyle World Champion.

After sustaining six broken ribs, a broken pelvis, a lacerated kidney, and bruised heart and lung while skiing in Switzerland, the most traumatic injury of Blunck’s career shook his wife and his family and had him questioning if he could and would continue competing at the level he had become accustomed to.

He was told his recovery would take a minimum of six months before he could be back on snow. He was back on snow within two months. After only three months of recovery, Aaron placed 2nd at X-Games and a month later, 1st at the Aspen US Open Grand Prix

“I am going to either land this, it´s gonna be the greatest run I ever do, or it´s gonna be like I went down trying”, says Aaron.

A naturally gifted freeskier, Blunck has a unique mindset when it comes to preparing for the sport’s biggest competitions. His love of solitude, storm days, and skiing with like-minded individuals are often his methods of choice.

Aaron Blunck skier

Although this may seem like a foreign training approach to some, his countless podium appearances over the years are a testament to his inherent ability and pure love for the sport of skiing.

In The Bulldog, HEAD hit the road with Blunck on a two-week, cross-country road trip, during which he recounts two-and-a-half years of ups and downs, while we discover the intricate details that make him tick, as told by his wife Morgan.

“Skiing takes Aaron back to being a little kid and I think he loves being a mentor, he is always like you know another day in the mountains is a great day…

You know, I am alive, I am skiing, It´s everything to him, and so, being a mentor to these kids is something that is very fulfilling to him on a level that you may not receive just doing well at a contest or filming in the backcountry”, says Morgan.