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Why Lockdown Revealed That The Best Things In Life Are Free

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A survey of 2,500 British people, conducted by real food snack bar brand, LÄRABAR, has revealed that Britain is a nation in need of more than a glass of champagne with friends to make them feel good.

Almost a third (28 percent) of the UK hardly ever feels truly relaxed and a further 23 percent feel constantly distracted, finding it difficult to live in the moment. And because of that, LÄRABAR is inspiring the nation to slow down, live an enriched life and take back control of their mind, body and soul.

However, according to the poll, 61 percent of the UK claim there are still things in life that are good for the soul, and they’re a lot simpler than you may think. ‘Telling someone you love them’ topped the chart with half of the nation agreeing it makes them feel great, followed closely by watching a loved one get the giggles (48 percent).

As modern lifestyles have changed, particularly over the past few months, it was surprising to see that only 12% of Brits felt that going for a run helped boost their mood, yet as a nation it was agreed that it really is the simple things in life that make us feel good. Looking at the stars at night (39 percent), taking a country walk (37 percent) and smiling as a stranger (37 percent) featured highly on the list, as did forgiving someone (47 percent).

Almost a third (32 percent), in true British style, said a good cup of tea, as well as healthy eating, was good for their soul, while 23 percent admitted that rubbing a dog’s belly gave them a warm feeling.

The Research also found that over a quarter of Brits claim that being mindful grounds them and makes them feel at peace.

Dr Becky Spelman, who worked with Lärabar on the research comments: “It’s really interesting to see from the research how many people find it hard to relax and live in the present. With everyday life busier than ever before, more of us are turning to the simple things in life – like gardening, cooking, and watching a sunset – which allow us to be mindful.

In fact, many of us would like to carve out more time to unwind during everyday life, so it’s no surprise that the nation has chosen a full list of activities which are ‘good for the soul’, from enjoying a long soak in the bath, a walk in the countryside or a good cup of tea”.

“Mindfulness is a technique that is of proven usefulness in treating a wide range of emotional and psychological issues, from managing grief and bereavement to learning how to overcome chronic problems with anger control or anxiety.”

The data found that only one in ten Brits said they had regular me-time (15 percent), while 21 percent said they put plans in place to help them relax and unwind, but then never had time to implement them, the reasons included needing to do housework (50 percent) which more and more people were doing more regularly in the past six months whilst at home, simply feeling too tired (46 percent) and spending too much time thinking about work, even when they aren’t working (23 percent).

The research even revealed that 36 percent of Brits say they NEVER relax – as they always have something on their mind – yet 41 percent are constantly striving to live a much more mindful life, with cooking and eating healthy meals, contributing to a positive mindset.

In fact, three in 10 Britons admit that the Covid-19 pandemic has made them become more mindful, while trying to live in the present moment more.

Adrienne Burke, Marketing Manager at General Mills, said: “Mindfulness is at the heart of everything that LÄRABAR stands for and it is really interesting to see that our research has uncovered that it’s the simple things that really make us feel great.

Living in the moment truly is good for the soul and making mindful choices in modern life can instantly make you feel better, which is why we want to  inspire the nation and make it easier to live more intentional lives by helping people to eat clean, get active and be present knowing that every choice, big or small matters.”

Helping to bring the campaign to life, LÄRABAR, the simple snack with only six ingredients per bar,  has collaborated with blogger Gemma Correll who through her humorous and witty cartoons expresses her own struggles with the stresses of modern life.

Gemma Correll, comments: “Drawing has always been such a great way for me to express and deal with everyday stresses and to centre myself, so it is fantastic to be able to share this knowledge with a brand that perfectly aligns with my ethos. It is also so important to remember that a sound mind and body are derived from food in its simplest state, which LÄRABAR delivers perfectly.”

Further research revealed that Leeds is the mindfulness capital of the UK, with 80 percent of residents saying they definitely live their lives in the present. Second on the list was London (78 percent), and third was Manchester (74 percent).

Alongside the partnership with Gemma Correll, LÄRABAR has become the official sponsor of Mind Body Spirit’s ‘Your Wellbeing Podcast’, where Gemma will appear on the 15th September, sharing her tips on how best to live a more mindful life.

For tips on how to be more mindful and to listen to a month-long podcast on the subject, please visit: 

1Telling someone you love them and really meaning it 50%
2Seeing your loved ones laugh hysterically 48%
3Forgiving someone  47%
4Doing a good deed and expecting nothing back 44%
5Being around positive people 41%
6Looking at the stars 39%
7A long walk in the countryside 37%
8Smiling at a stranger and getting a smile back  37%
9Putting your phone on silent  35%
10Being kind to yourself34%
11Freshly cleaned sheets on the bed 33%
12Watching waves crash onto a beach33%
13A cup of tea  32%
14Buying a spontaneous gift for someone 31%
15Living in the moment30%
16A long chat with a friend 30%
17Practicing mindfulness28%
18Listening to birdsong 27%
19Cooking and eating healthy meals 27%
20Losing yourself in a book27%
21Gardening 25%
22Dancing around your kitchen with friends25%
23Rubbing a dog’s belly23%
24A full body massage22%
25An early night21%
26Turning your phone off 21%
27Your first stretch in the morning 21%
28An afternoon nap20%
29Walking barefoot on grass20%
30A bubble bath with candles 20%
31Being able to lend someone money when they need it 19%
32Getting off a plane and feeling the warmth hit you 17%
33Climbing to the top of a big hill            15%
34Playing a board game with my family                             14%
35Eating a big bowl of pasta                                                                  12%
36Sorting out your cupboards                                                            12%
37A cold glass of champagne12%
38Journaling or writing in a diary                           12%
39Going for a run12%