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The Best Hangover Cures Revealed By Us Brits

woman holds bottle looking tired

New research has revealed the 30 greatest hangover cures of all time, with the classic Full English, along with bacon, eggs, sausage, beans and toast, reigning supreme, according to 32 percent of the nation.

Yet, while it was traditionally known as the Full English breakfast, as many as 62 percent are now more likely to enjoy a fry-up in the form of brunch, with Brits enjoying a hangover brunch at least once every weekend (or four times a month on average).

The traditional Full English is a centuries old tradition, one that can trace its roots back to the early 1300’s.

In one form or another, the tradition is one that has been proudly sustained over the centuries by different generations of British society.

Also making it onto the list of ultimate hangover cures, was a burger and fries (15 percent), a chip butty (11 percent), a mug of sugary tea (12 percent) and a can of full fat coke (18 percent)

According to the survey by TABASCO Brand, the average Briton suffers from TWO terrible hangovers a month, with the worst part lasting at least four hours.

However, according to the poll, this is nothing that cannot be remedied by sugar, fat and salt, with fried chicken, energy drinks, beans on toast and ham and cheese toasties also making the final list of go-to hangover cures.

A banana, cold pizza from the night before and a bowl of nourishing Japanese Ramen also featured, as did hot buttered toast, chicken noodle soup and dry roasted peanuts.

When asked about more weird and wonderful hangover remedies, 17 percent are convinced raw eggs help, while a further 17 percent have resorted to drinking pickle juice and 14 percent said bone broth was a great tonic.

Hot sauce (14 percent), oysters (9 percent) and sardines on toast (6 percent) were also revealed as some of the more bizarre ways Brits make themselves feel better after a night on the tiles.

Overall, two thirds of those surveyed (62 percent) said that meeting friends for brunch was the best cure for a hangover, with dissecting everything that happened the night before (44 percent), making the weekend feel longer (23 percent) and legitimately enjoying an early hair of the dog (20 percent) among the list of things we love about a weekend brunch with pals.

In fact, 76 percent of those who took part in the study agreed that meeting up with friends for food the day after was sometimes better than the night out itself, with 11am emerging as the ultimate time to meet for a hangover brunch.

A spokesperson for TABASCO® Brand, who commissioned the survey commented, “Our research indicates that Brits are certainly one for tradition, continuing to favour the Full English as the ultimate hangover remedy. Its also interesting to see some of the more unusual cures the nation chose, with even raw eggs and pickle juice making the list.

“The research also shows that enjoying brunch together is enjoyable and perhaps indicative of lockdown easing and our excitement to see friends or family.

This summer we’re really excited to champion this occasion by partnering with some of the hottest brunch spots nationwide for our Summer Brunch Sessions, a series of high-energy weekend experiences that will offer up good food, cocktails and music.”

But the nation is divided when it comes to how we manage our hangovers, as when asked whether respondents had perfected the knack of going on a night out WITHOUT experiencing a hangover the next day, 50 percent said yes, while 50 percent said, sadly, no


  1. Full English 32%
  2. A strong coffee 26%
  3. A bacon sandwich 25%
  4. Sausage sandwich 16%
  5. Burger and fries 15%
  6. An energy drink 15%
  7. Cold pizza from the night before 14%
  8. A can of full fat cola 14%
  9. Hot buttered toast 13%
  10. Fried chicken 12%
  11. A mug of sugary tea 12%
  12. Chip butty 11%
  13. Beans on toast 11%
  14. Scrambled eggs 11%
  15. Ham and cheese toastie 10%
  16. A banana 10%
  17. Chips and curry sauce 9%
  18. A crisp sandwich 9%
  19. A strawberry milkshake 8%
  20. Chicken noodle soup 8%
  21. Cookie dough ice cream 8%
  22. Chicken chow mein 7%
  23. Boiled egg and soldiers 7%
  24. Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream 7%
  25. A Bloody Mary 6%
  26. Avocado on toast 6%
  27. A bowl of sweet cereal with full fat milk 5%
  28. Ramen 5%
  29. Dry roast peanuts 5%
  30. Sweet and sour pork balls 3%