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Give Your Bike A New Life: Swapfiets Launches Bike Amnesty For Londoners

swapfiet workers

DUTCH bike membership brand Swapfiets, is holding a ‘bike amnesty’ in their London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, and Copenhagen stores, between June 3 – July 3 and is encouraging Londoners to ‘give their bike a new life’ and in return receive a free month’s subscription off any pedal or e-bike.

As part of the company’s business model, Swapfiets bikes live many lives, and when a member returns their bike, technicians recycle or repair it, before the bike is given to someone else. 

The brand has made this conscientious approach an integral part of their business model, with a single Swapfiets bike often being reused by multiple members. 

The Dutch company is keen not only for members of the public to jump on a bike and contribute to more liveable cities, but they also want to highlight the overall benefits of recycling and shed light on their own zero-waste goal for 2025. 

Swapfiets Bike Amnesty – How it works

·      What: Swapfiets ‘bike amnesty’ (*first month free subscription off any Swapfiets bike, only for new members) 

·      Where: Swapfiets London store: 58 Commercial Street, Spitalfields, London E1 6LT UK

·      When: June 3 – July 3, 2023

Bikes that are handed in as part of the ‘bike amnesty’, will be recycled and turned into new bike racks for local communities in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen, helping encourage more people to act sustainably and make cycling their preferred mode of transportation 

Richard Burger, Co-Founder and Director of Sustainability, at Swapfiets, said: “We wanted to encourage Londoners to recycle their old bikes and help declutter London’s local communities, and thought that our bike amnesty would be the perfect platform to provide them with a special discount, helping to encourage them to get out cycling again.

He continued: “As well as highlighting the benefits of recycling, we also want to show our members (and the rest of the world) that we’re a responsible brand and are passionate about making cities more liveable for everybody.

“We’re continuously working hard to ensure we achieve our ambitious goal of being 100% circular by 2025, committing to zero waste and pollution anywhere in the entire life cycle and designing products that help draw attention to our efforts and encourage others to get involved too.”