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3 Sustainable Swaps For Your Golf Game

golf ball on tee being placed into ground

Did you know that golf is considered one of the least ‘green’ sports in the world? Due to the waste, it leaves behind, and how the grass is treated, golf is responsible for a lot of pollution.

Here are 3 ways to make your golf game more sustainable in 2023. 

  1. Sustainable Golfing Equipment

At some golf courses, you can be provided with golfing equipment such as golf tees – however, these are usually plastic and not sustainable. It is recommended to bring your own sustainable golfing equipment, which if lost or left behind, will not damage the planet.  

For example, plastic tees are one of the top reasons why golf is considered one of the least sustainable sports.

Why not try out other sustainable options such as bamboo golf tees? They are much more long-lasting than their wasteful counterparts and they are way better for your carbon footprint.  

Another easy change to make is your golf cleaner. During your game, your golf clubs can get extremely dirty. Hitting all those hole-in-ones can mean that your equipment can really pick up the mud and dirt that the course has to offer.

Why not go for a more sustainable cleaner? There are plenty on the market which are typically made from more eco-friendly ingredients, and miss out on all those nasty chemicals. Make your golf game as green as possible by making these easy swaps. 

  1. Why Should You Replace Divots On A Golf Course?

Replacing divots in the ground is a must if you are looking to make your golf game more sustainable. When playing a round of golf, we typically forget about the wonderful nature that is around us – we must always replace whatever we put out of place. 

Divots are the marks we make in the grass on a golf course – most likely caused by the golfers club or putting in tees. Where this may seem harmless, if it continues, the green can begin to suffer from turf diseases, which can, in turn, deteriorate the soil.

By replacing your divots often, and being more mindful of the green around you, you will not only save on the man hours needed to do this job, but you can also help to prevent issues such as turf diseases from occurring in the future.

  1. Walking The Golf Course

At some golf courses, you will have the option to use a golf cart. Whilst these can be a speedy way to get around, it’s actually one of the least green ways to manoeuvre between holes.

Golf courses themselves can be a wonderful experience when it comes to nature and beautiful landscapes – don’t waste it by driving around. Take a second to truly appreciate the nature around you, and what you are trying to protect by walking the course next time. 

To ensure your game is as ‘green’ as possible – you could also carpool to your local golf course. Instead of all your golfing buddies driving separately, why not all take one mode of transport? Extra bonus points if it’s public transport!

For more information on eco-friendly practices and sustainable accessories, visit us at The Bigger Ball.