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Current Millionaires Dress In Sustainable Clothing – Fashion 2022

woman in denim dress driving expensive car

If you consider yourself a fashion expert, you may have noticed a significant shift in the fashion world in the past year. We are a socially aware nation. We buy natural products that will fade away when discarded.

And if you’re new to the millionaire club, Lottoland has come up with a very interesting feature that actually enlightens you on how to dress like a millionaire in today’s socially-acceptable standards.

Celebrities and people in the spotlight have changed their wardrobes. They purchase pre-owned items of quality and have revisions made to their current wardrobes. 

Some examples of celebrities who champion this cause include:

  • Bella Hadid

Bella is well-known for her fashion sense and her love of vintage clothing. She buys quality brands and is on the front lines of the fashion lines encouraging sustainable clothing.

  • Kendall Jenner

Kendall is a star who always looks stunning in her perfectly designed clothing. She is a big fan of buying pre-owned quality brands and having them professionally restyled and altered for the perfect eco-healthy look.

  • Angelina Jolie

Angelina is a voice for the fashion world regarding the eco-issues and demands we put on the planet. Her wardrobe is often reused and repurposed. Even her children publicly wear some of the star’s past looks and stunning pieces.

© Terje Sollie

Basics Fashion Rules

Established celebrities have some basic rules they follow. You can tell the difference between a trendy star and a genuine celebrity by the way they dress. Below you will find some tips to watch for:

  • People of status never wear logos or tags that are visible. They will not be an unpaid billboard for someone’s product.
  • A true star will never wear anything that is not altered professionally.
  • People of status always have their clothing professionally cleaned and pressed. They simply do not wear clothing that is not camera ready.
  • Even for a casual look, facial hair must be trimmed or waxed every two to three weeks, male or female. Hair is styled or cut every 3-6 weeks, depending on the style. 
  • Perfume and other scents are always subtle. 
  • Never wear sandals and socks.

Basic wardrobe selections

Men’s wear:

  • Tennis shirts with collars
  • Polo shirts with collars
  • Button-down shirts
    • White, light blue, or a thin stripe
  • Pants or shorts to the knee
    • Khakis
  • Well-fitting jeans, in some cases
    • Jeans with holes are subject to taste and function
  • Leather loafers in brown, tan, or black
  • Fine-polished tie-up shoes, brown or black

Make sure you have a dark (black is best) suit, at least two richly colorful ties, nice print socks, and a good watch.  

Women will wear

  • Suits (jackets, skirts, or slacks)
  • Collared shirts or blouses hand-made
  • Skirts,Knee-length
  • Tailored dresses or dresses hand-made
  • Capris made of dress-pant material or cotton
  • Button-down shirts (male or female)
  • Make sure you have a black dress, at least two colorful silk scarves, a pearl necklace, and an evening clutch. 
© Mohamad Khosravi

Take care of the planet! 

People of wealth buy quality clothing made of good material. Wool, cotton, leather, and some cashmere blends do well.

The goal of buying sustainable products is to purchase products that you can use longer and keep in good condition, and when you have to part with them, do so with as minor damage to the earth and ecosystem as possible.

People live in different climates and circumstances. So, Robert could wear his 100% wool blend jacket for 5-years, whereas the harsh environment that Mike lives in only allows him to get 2-years from his. The item is sustainable but may not be the best choice for Mike.

What the current generation is concerned about is this. There is a big pollution problem weaved into this issue. Everyone knows the planet is suffering from our poor choices.

Smart people are pointing out the issue and saying, “no!” You may not realize it, but 3 out of 5 pieces of fast fashion owned are never worn. If these are not sustainable fabrics, it causes a good deal of air pollution and water pollution to make them.

Clothing dye and other particles are let out into the natural water, which has managed to get to the sea and contaminate it with plastics. Some of these same people grow cotton for clothes.

A shortage of water hurts the people and animals and the food they need to succeed. To produce enough cotton plants to make one shirt, it would take the amount of water that an adult would require to live for 3-days. 

Our clothes, shoes, and boots can sit in the landfill for around 200 years. All the while, they will emit Methane gas. Methane gas is 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide and accounts for about 30% of global warming. We add tons on top of it every day. 

Celebrities are trying to make a difference in the way we look at our clothing. Make choices that are smart for the planet. You can still look chic, only you will also look smart.