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Super Bowl Average Ticket Prices Soar In 2023, Making It the Most Expensive NFL Championship Game in History

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The anticipation for Super Bowl LVII, the National Football League’s championship game, is reaching a fever pitch as fans gear up to witness the clash between the AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs and NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium.

However, acquiring a Super Bowl ticket on the secondary market has become an expensive endeavour, with the average price soaring to an astounding $9,915 in 2023, as reported by

Unprecedented Rise in Super Bowl Ticket Prices:

Super Bowl tickets have long held the distinction of being the most sought-after tickets in professional sports. While some fortunate fans can secure tickets through their team or NFL On Location Experiences, the majority turn to the secondary market for their chance to attend. This secondary market, driven by demand rather than face value, has witnessed a remarkable surge in prices over the past decade.

A Decade of Escalating Prices:

In 2010, the average secondary market ticket price for the Super Bowl stood at a modest $2,329, according to data from Statista and TicketIQ. The following years saw a gradual increase, with prices hovering around $2,500. However, the market witnessed a seismic shift in 2015 when the average price for Super Bowl 49 skyrocketed to $9,723, double the previous record. Although the average dipped to $4,625 in 2016, it remained three times higher than pre-2015 levels.

Super Bowl 57 Sets a New Benchmark:

The years 2020 and 2021 saw some of the highest average secondary market ticket prices in Super Bowl history, surpassing $8,000.

Nevertheless, these figures pale in comparison to the record-breaking prices observed in 2023. This year’s Super Bowl 57 commands an average ticket price of $9,915, solidifying its status as the most expensive NFL championship game to date.

On the secondary market, the cheapest ticket is priced at $5,975, while the least expensive lower-level ticket commands a staggering $7,370.

Exorbitant Prices for Premium Seats:

TicketIQ’s data reveals that premium seats at midfield have reached exorbitant heights, with the most expensive single ticket fetching an astonishing $42,244.

Such prices reflect the remarkable demand and willingness of fans to invest heavily for an unparalleled Super Bowl experience.

Record Consumer Spending:

The Super Bowl’s economic impact extends far beyond ticket prices, as US consumers are projected to spend approximately $16.5 billion on Super Bowl-related purchases in 2023.

The National Retail Federation’s 2023 Super Bowl Spending Survey highlights this anticipated surge in consumer spending, marking the second-highest value in Super Bowl history, trailing only 2019.

These expenditures encompass various categories, including food and beverages, game-related merchandise, apparel, decorations, televisions, and even wagers placed on the game.

Super Bowl 57 has made history with its eye-watering average ticket price of $9,915, establishing a new pinnacle for NFL championship game costs.

As fans eagerly prepare for the grand event, they are also projected to contribute significantly to the economy, with consumer spending reaching unprecedented levels.

The enduring popularity and enduring allure of the Super Bowl continue to captivate fans, driving both ticket prices and overall spending to new heights.

Here’s a look at the lowest and highest ticket prices via TicketSmarter as of Super Sunday.