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Steven Bartlett Champions Health & Wellness Business UNTIL As Solution To ‘Broken’ And ‘Unfair’ Industry

Steven Bartlett

As entrepreneur Steven Bartlett joins UNTIL, the home of London’s best health and wellness professionals, the fitness enthusiast insists the motivation behind his investment is that health is the “foundation stone of our lives”.

Successful entrepreneur Bartlett has always had a competitive attitude with a passion for bettering himself – a mindset he has applied in both his business dealings and to his own health.

From never missing a gym session, to scheduling meetings from 11am onwards to ensure he is performing to his full potential, Bartlett knows how to achieve the marginal gains that set him apart in all aspects of life.  

Now combining his passion for entrepreneurship and health, Bartlett announces his investment in UNTIL, a business he joins as Marketing Co-Founder.

Launched in 2021 and now led by entrepreneurs Vishal Amin and Alex Pellew, UNTIL brings a revolutionary concept to the health and wellness marketplace.

With 250+ self-employed practitioners – known as ‘members’ – across 30+ different training, treatment and therapeutic disciplines, UNTIL allows these experts to work on their own terms, never taking a percentage of their earnings. 

Bartlett, Marketing Co-founder at UNTIL, says“As an entrepreneur, I have become increasingly obsessed with my health and wellness.

My turning point came during the pandemic, when like many, I understood how interconnected health was with all aspects of our lives. Without our physical and mental health in good shape, we have nothing. It is the foundation stone of our lives.”

Bartlett’s personal understanding of the health and wellness industry helped him realise that despite this shift in attitudes during the pandemic, the industry was inherently unbalanced in the way they treat health and wellness professionals.

Labelling the sector as “unfair” and inherently “broken”, he has invested in industry-disruptor UNTIL, as part of a £4m investment round. 

Where health and wellness practitioners previously reported struggling to make a living due to the crippling cost of accessing equipment and facilities, UNTIL’s pioneering model puts the professional first.

UNTIL member and Personal Trainer David Rutherfoord-Jones described feeling “like a cog in the health and wellness machine” but says UNTIL has given him a “new lease of life”, allowing his business to thrive with skills training and business development advice.

As UNTIL’s Marketing Co-founder, Bartlett will help drive the development of the brand, and guide the expansion of the business into the US for the first time. His investment will be used to fund this expansion as well as the creation of more powerful digital tools to help UNTIL members grow their businesses.  

Bartlett says:“Supercharged by the pandemic, this health and wellness industry is booming – the demand for training, treatment, and coaching has never been higher. Yet the health and wellness market is broken. When I heard about this broken system, I not only believed, I knew that there must be a better way.

“That’s why I’ve joined forces with UNTIL – this disruptive solution rebalances the scales and puts healthcare and wellness professionals first. I believe in that vision and more importantly, the people behind it. 

There hasn’t been a fair option, until now, and I’m extremely proud to be joining a business that will change the health and wellness landscape forever.”  

Bartlett’s appointment comes as UNTIL plans to expand its offering both in the UK and internationally. In addition to their locations in Soho and Liverpool Street, which deliver more than 5,000 member sessions every month, UNTIL is due to add a third to its growing portfolio in Marylebone later this year.

This site will diversify its services with additional offerings such as dentistry. UNTIL aims to open a further 40 facilities in over five cities within the next four years. 

Vishal Amin, Co-Founder and CEO at UNTIL, says: “Steven shares UNTIL’s mission to champion the hard-working entrepreneurs in this industry. They have been overlooked for too long, and it is time for change.

UNTIL is determined to spearhead that change, and we are confident that with Steven’s investment and personal involvement as Marketing Co-founder, we will catapult this business to new heights.”

Alex Pellew, Co-Founder and CXO of UNTIL, comments: “I can’t think of someone more aligned with the direction of UNTIL than Steven. We exist to help wellness practitioners break free and create their own thriving business.

Steven is not only passionate about wellness but is also one of the most respected and successful entrepreneurs of his generation. With his support, we can change the landscape of the wellness industry for the better, putting power back into the hands of practitioners.”

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