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Why Have Squirrel Sisters Gone Nuts & Crackers

Why Have Squirrel Sisters Gone Nuts Crackers Roasted Nuts scaled

With the recent government initiative to crack down on sugary snacks Squirrel Sisters Gracie & Sophie Tyrrell who are known for campaigning against sugar have chosen this time to launch their NEW range of savoury NO ADDED SUGAR snacks. 

“It’s great that people are taking their snacking choices seriously and realising the harm sugar can cause. The UK faces a major crisis when it comes to obesity 63% of adults in England are overweight or living with obesity so we are proud to offer consumers a genuinely healthy and delicious range of snacks; snacks that will satisfy consumers taste-buds as well as their health” (Gracie )

The sisters exciting, innovative savoury range consists of ROASTED NUTS (Smoked Almonds, Salt & Cider Vinegar Almonds, Chilli Cashews and Sea Salt & Black Cracked Pepper Cashews) available from October 1st and CRUNCHY CRACKERS (Smoked Paprika and Crispy Onion flavour) launching Nov 1st. 

The sisters launched their business in 2015 after Sophie received a life-threatening diagnosis, which lead to her giving up sugar. It was out of this darkness that the Squirrel Sisters brand was born.

Refined and alternative sugars are in so many things and it makes me so angry. Sugar is a huge issue, its detrimental to our health and it frustrates me that its taken a global pandemic for the government to start taking action. We have been and will continue to campaign against sugar by offering our consumers a fantastic and delicious alternative.(Sophie) 

5 years on from launching their brand, which has sold millions of bars across the nation, they are proud to still be the only snacking brand in the UK with their full range having NO ADDED SUGAR.

Holland and Barrett have already snapped their new range up and will be launching them online this October. The sisters have also received major export orders from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Germany, Cyprus, Finland, Sweden and Iceland.