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Four Sports To Incorporate In Your Holiday Plans

Couple is running into the water with surfboards.

Truthfully speaking, there is no such thing as the holiday season. The holiday season is when you decide for it to be, and if you like it can be all year round. This is eminently possible when it comes to ‘staycationing’, the American meaning of which has recently been co-opted over here in the UK.

Staycationing is essentially domestic holidaying and is more popular on account of the prohibitive cost of travel to many at the moment. But the staycation isn’t a downgrade by any means.

The more adventurous amongst us already know this well, as the UK is a unique hotspot for adventure- and sports-holidaying. But what kinds of sports might you fold into your holiday plans for a pinch of excitement?


The term ‘mountaineering’ conjures to mind a team of fur-clad explorers desperately clinging to the side of a cliff face, ice picks in tremulous hands – but, while this might describe the extreme end of the sport, the full truth couldn’t be further removed. 

Mountaineering can also be as simple as enjoying a robust hike up some of the UK’s biggest peaks. Britain’s national parks are true treasures and home to mountain terrain that begs to be walked; there are plenty of lodges for sale near national parks too, meaning you could make your pilgrimage up Mount Snowdon a regular and immovable experience!


family cycling

Cycling is practically a national sport, given the UK’s unique successes in such world-renowned cycling events as the Tour de France and Paris Roubaix – to say nothing of the volume of casual cyclists on country roads in the heat of summer.

The best cycling in the UK, though, is off the beaten track – in the stunning forest trails of North Wales, or the mountainous terrain of the highlands. Mountain biking is a thrilling sport all of its own, and a great way to structure a rural holiday.

Golf Getaways

If your holiday is to be defined by a sport, why not let it be a leisurely sport? The humble game that is golf has curated something of a snooty reputation, as a quasi-game that’s more about status than skill. The price of entry for some country clubs and golf courses around the world would absolutely back this up, too. 

However, golf is much more than its definition by a small and toxic minority; it is a mindful game that marries athleticism with the wonders of quiet nature.

You don’t have to travel far to discover this, either – amongst the many local and regional golf courses open to visitors, the UK is home to some of the world’s best courses, such as St. Andrews Links or the Royal Birkdale.

Water Sports

The UK’s quintessential sporting heritage does not stop with the mainland, though. Indeed, Britain’s coastline is a magnet for water-sports folk, being fertile ground for engagement in a wide variety of different water-bound adventures and activities.

A large part of this is surfing, with locales like Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight and even the South Wales coast boasting some of the best waves in the west. These waves are also frequently kayaked on or sailed through, or even dived under – tank or no tank!