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Aligning Your Sporting Activities With Your Star Sign

Silhouette of woman bending her back and holding the moon during sunset

From a young age, we’re encouraged to do sports because they’re good for our health, for mingling with people, and for keeping us active. But while some people are born natural athletes, others struggle to find the motivation to get out of bed and kick the ball.

Luckily, no one is forcing you to do anything you don’t like. And finding a sport you enjoy might well be the key to introducing some action into your life.

“Everyone’s got a sport they love – and everyone’s got a sport they love to hate! Whether your favourite sport is fast and exciting or slow and precise might have something to do with your Zodiac placements,”

Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and astrologer

While “earth signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn appreciate the strength and grounded, methodical sports”, “fire signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius just want to burst forward at the highest speed, enjoying the competition”.

We turn to astrology to chart your Astro sports persona. “Whichever is the right sport for you, you’ll see the benefit – and if you pick right, you’ll stick at it for life,” continues Inbaal Honigman.

Aries: in the action

A real ball of energy, you’re destined to be rolling down the hill! Not quite literally, but with the help of skis or a snowboard. These adrenalin-inducing winter sports will match your desire to go through life with full force.

Not only that but skiing and snowboarding also require dedication and perseverance, which are second nature to you. You hate losing, so you will make sure you do the work to ensure that you’re proudly standing on the winning podium.

This means that completing a ski instructor course will feel like a walk in the park for you, and will be the right pathway towards your dream career as you’re quite the teacher yourself!

Taurus: stretch and chill

Taurus, you adore all the pleasures in life! That applies to everything from indulgent food all the way through to sports. But you’re not quite the active type and have a rather placid character.

Burning with enthusiasm in your daily life, sports allow you to unwind. A good kundalini yoga session will definitely do you good, and you will soon become so hooked that all you’ll be wearing will be yoga pants!

Gemini: all for the team

Gemini, you’re well-known across the zodiac as the social butterfly. You prefer company, rather than playing solo. Wherever there’s a team with a good spirit or a friendly competition, you’re in.

Your astute intellect and savviness also add up to your sports persona. Being able to quickly grasp the rules of a game and put your mind to work makes you a desired team player.

Strategic sports, such as volleyball, basketball, or football are ideal for you, as they also offer you the versatility to your day. A team win feels like a personal win to you!

Cancer: go with the flow

Cancer, you like to swim in calm waters. Being ruled by the element of water, you are quite emotional and can easily take the burdens of the day upon you.

In order to recharge, you need to release your emotions back to where they came from – the sea. Nothing beats the feeling of swimming with the flow or doing aqua gymnastics if you’re in for a more dynamic exercise. This is your chance to recentre and return to your home, to yourself.

Leo: run to the top

Like a true lion or lioness, you have a strong physique, which you take pleasure in maintaining and showing off. That’s why an athletic sport that keeps you fit is of vital importance to you.

You don’t like to remain in the shadows; rather you innately shine bright, and no one would put a win past you.

This guards you with exceptional determination to be the best, not for anyone else, but for your personal satisfaction.

You’re born a star and reaching Olympic level in a sport that lights up your fire, such as running, horse riding, or boxing is a dream come true for you.

Virgo: hit the target

Virgos are known for being incredibly meticulous, tactical, and savvy. Having a more reserved personality, you’ll thrive better in a solo sport.

Archery fuses your eye for detail, precision, and a calm hand. Because your sole reason for taking up a sport is maintaining your health and de-stressing, archery is an activity you can look forward to every week. Without realising and being competitive about it, you can truly excel in this sport!

Libra: balancing on ice

Libra, you’re a true adornment to this world, who is fascinated with aesthetics and pretty things. You carry yourself with grace and your slender figure is to be admired.

An embodiment of balance, you go through life with ease. Nothing can bring you down, and so a sport like figure skating is ideal for you. It will accentuate your grace and the choice of spectacular costumes will make you shine both on the inside and outside!

Scorpio: into the ring

Scorpio, your soul is imbued with so much depth and intensity. This might be difficult for some people to handle, but they are desired qualities to have in strength and endurance sports.

In boxing, you can let some of that steam off. It will put your limits to a test, but you shall succeed because you possess a strong spirit not everyone can pride on.

Sagittarius: hold your horses

Sagittarius, you have a free spiring and a big heart. Traversing across a green field, the wind flowing through your hair, and the air imbuing your lungs with freshness, while reaching for the stars is a dream wonderland for you.

You can achieve that dream with magical horse riding. Not that the horse is magical, although in your fantasy world it might be, but the feeling of it is magical to you. This sport calls upon your truly adventurous side of and is like a breath of fresh air for you!

Capricorn: ain’t no mountain high enough

Although you’d rather stay at home, read a book, and drink hot chocolate, once you decide to get into a sport, you’ll excel. That’s because you’re endowed with rigor and a determination to succeed at anything you take on.

At heart, you’re a little goat who is always climbing up heights. You have a deep connection with nature and love to spend time into the wild. The ideal sport for you is mountain climbing!

Aquarius: sail away

You live and breathe the outdoors, Aquarius! Being confined in a small space is your worst nightmare. On more than one occasion, you’ve had the urge to leave everything behind and live in the forest.

With sailing, you’re one step closer to your dream life. You’re revelling in your natural habitat, surrounded by dolphins and the abundance of marine wildlife, away from the constraints of society.

You’re born a natural sailor, and your love for technology and savviness will help you navigate the boat with ease. Sail away and explore new horizons!

Pisces: take a deep dive

Pisces, you like to swim in deep waters. You’re not afraid of the unknown, rather, you’re are on an endless journey of self-exploration. Inquisitive and impressionable, you like to express yourself in creative ways.

To satiate your thirst for the unknown, take a dive into the deep sea with snorkelling or scuba diving. You will be amazed by the abundant sea world that unfolds in front of you and will get to acquaint yourself with your marine family.

Just like Cancer, you “love to be in the water – using your physical skills in unusual environments”, says Inbaal Honigman. It’s time to embody the mermaid you’ve always felt like!

You don’t have to be training to become the next Olympic champion to commit to a sport. Getting your heart rate up or enjoying a good stretch can help you unwind and feel rejuvenated, and astrology proves that. At the end of the day, sports are all about having fun!