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Sodastream Creates The World’s Ultimate Sparkling Water Glass

sodastream sparkling water glass

Sparkling water lovers of the world can now rejoice, as SodaStream has unveiled the ultimate sparkling water glass!

Created in partnership with Doran Binder, one of the UK’s preeminent water sommeliers, and designed and hand blown by expert glass artist Elliot Walker, SodaStream’s sparkling water glass features a number of carefully selected elements that make it the perfect choice for enjoying sparkling water. 

The launch of the ultimate sparkling water glass celebrates the arrival of SodaStream’s most stylish sparkling water maker to date, the Art.

Now, not only is it easier than ever to make your own sparkling water, but you can also enjoy it in a glass that enhances every aspect of your sparkling water too.

So, whether you like to enjoy a glass of sparkling water at dinner, or want to impress friends with your hosting skills, SodaStream’s special edition sparkling water glass is the perfect choice. 

The glass has a number of unique design profiles, to ensure people are able to fully enjoy their sparkling water, which you can learn more about through the sparkling water glass video. These features include:

  • A fully nucleated surface – ensuring a constant vertical stream of bubbles to enhance the sparkling sensation
  • A beautiful, hand-crafted, bubble texture bowl – allowing the gas in your sparkling water to collect
  • A specifically narrow glass opening – allowing the bubbles to concentrate in your mouth to tingle the taste buds
  • A “spill proof” wider foot – ensuring stability on the dinner table
  • A sophisticated stem – to separate the temperature of your hand from that of the liquid to ensure you are enjoying the bubbles to their full potential
  • A thin glass rim – so that the glass has minimal mouth feel, creating as little separation between lips and liquid for full enjoyment 

So whether you like to enjoy your sparkling water lightly fizzed, strong and bubbly, or with a dash of fruity flavour, the special edition sparkling water glass from SodaStream is the perfect vessel to enjoy it from. 

Tiago Alves, Managing Director UK & IE of SodaStream said, “We are extremely excited to unveil the ultimate sparkling water glass.

Our mission is to make it as enjoyable as possible for people to drink and experience sparkling water, however they like it. The glass, coupled with the SodaStream Art sparkling water maker, gives people the opportunity to explore sparkling water to its full potential.

There are red wine glasses, there are white wine glasses, and we felt it was high time that sparkling water had its own seat at the table too!”

Commenting on the launch, water sommelier Doran Binder said, “Water has incredible wellbeing properties but sadly too many people aren’t getting enough of it.

That’s why I was so eager to team up with SodaStream to create this glass. Adding sparkles to your water is a great way to improve your enjoyment of water and this is the optimum glass to enjoy sparkling water with.

Every aspect of it, from the nucleation to the stem, helps to bring out the bubbles and create the ultimate sparkling water experience.”

Each glass has been hand blown by Elliot Walker, who added, “I’ve created a whole variety of glass projects throughout my career, but this special edition sparkling water glass has by far been one of my favourites.

Whilst following the same brief, each piece is handmade and bespoke, which has a beautiful symmetry with a glass of sparkling water made with SodaStream, as no two bubbles are the same.”

The special edition sparkling water glass is available to consumers from Friday 9th September at 5 pm. There will be 100 pieces available to people with the purchase of a SodaStream Art machine when using the redemption code: ARTOFGLASS. But hurry, the sparkling water glass is only available while stock lasts!