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Silatha announce the launch of the Silatha x Maude Hirst Amethyst Collection


By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 14:42, 12 November 2019

Silatha announce that they are to be teaming up with actor turned mindfulness teacher Maude Hirst. You may recognise her from the popular TV show Vikings, however, these days Maude is focusing her attention on her company EnergyRise. Like Silatha, she is passionate about making mindfulness more accessible to the masses, empowering people to connect to their unique expression of who they truly are.

A beautiful calm soul, Maude’s soothing voice will lead you into a state of mindful tranquillity, as you tune into her two meditations on the Silatha App.

Maude’s Amethyst Collection: In dedication to Maude’s birthstone, the Amethyst, they have created a unique jewellery collection around the mystical purple gemstone. In addition to the 21 Silatha meditations within the Inner Peace and Balance series, the Silatha meditation app is now hosting two bonus meditations created by Maude Hirst.

“Tapping into the truth of your internal world can allow you to heal and use your individual life experiences to empower the way you live your life.”

— Maude Hirst

Within the Silatha by Maude Hirst collection you can find the following products:

• The Silatha Amethyst Dorje Necklace in white and yellow gold

• The Silatha Amethyst Rough Gem Necklace

• The Silatha Amethyst Dorje Gold Bracelet in white and yellow gold

• The Silatha Amethyst Silver Bracelet Each of these products are complemented with the Peace and Balance series on the Silatha Meditation App including two special meditations by Maude Hirst.

Silatha and Hirst encourage you to amplify the Peace and Balance available to you, in your own life, allowing the Amethyst collection and mediation series to empower you into your day.|