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Meet ShakeSphere – The Ultimate Protein Shaker Brand Shaking Up Fitness

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ShakeSphere is the award-winning, go-to accessory brand for all fitness enthusiasts – revolutionising the category with its innovative Tumbler range of protein shaker bottles.

Founded upon the needs of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and people wanting to improve their health for a cleaner protein-shaking solution – every ShakeSphere product eradicates the need for mixing accessories by using its patented spherical-shaped capsule to do all the mixing for you.

The revolutionary capsule design breaks down protein supplements and fruit with ease, creating smooth, lump-free protein shakes and smoothies in a flash.

Because of the spherical shape of ShakeSphere products, no powders get stuck in the corners like they would do in a traditional shaker, so no remnants are left in the bottle, saving you money and cleaning time while avoiding product wastage.

Reflecting the drive of its CEO and founder, Rick Beardsell – an elite sprinter with numerous World and European Masters titles – ShakeSphere strives to improve the health, wellbeing, and happiness of everyone who uses its products.

The latest innovations from ShakeSphere include 700ml Capsule Tumblers, an Electrical Portable Blender Lid, a 1.3L Mixer Jug and 2.2L Hydration Jug – all available now for testing, reviews, and features.