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What Are The Sexiest Sports People On Tinder Swipe Right For

Cycling 2

New research released today by reveals which sports are most attractive for men and women.  

With dating app usage at an all-time high since the Coronavirus pandemic, commissioned the tongue in cheek research to find out which active hobbies are most likely to receive a swipe right.

In a study conducted via Tinder, created male and female dating profiles for six different sports, including running, cycling, yoga, weightlifting, climbing and hiking.

One male and one female model were photographed taking part in each sport, dressed in the appropriate kit for the activity. Male and female Tinder profiles were then created for each sport and the number of matches gained from 200 swipes were collated for each, to determine which sports were considered most match worthy.

Which sports gain men the most matches?

The study revealed that men who do yoga are most likely to gain matches on the dating app, with the male model’s Warrior Pose proving a big hit, receiving 25 matches per 200 swipes. With 21 matches per 200 swipes, weightlifting followed in second.

Interestingly, the least attractive sport was found to be hiking with only a measly two matches per 200 swipes. Perhaps due to the rather practical hiking boots donned by the male model in the study!

The most ‘match worthy’ sports for men

#SportsMatches per 200 Swipes

Which sports gain women the most matches?

Perhaps surprisingly, the research showed that female cyclists are most popular on Tinder, with 58% of people swiping right for them. The sport amassed a whopping 116 matches from 200 swipes on the dating app, with the model’s cycling helmet proving that safety is sexy.

The second most attractive sport for women was running, with 114 matches gained per 200 swipes.

Interestingly, it was observed that the female model used in the study gained many more Tinder matches overall when compared to the male model. However, once again hiking was deemed the least ’match worthy’.

Climbers were also deemed attractive potential partners by both men and women, ranking 3rd for women and 4th for men.

Most ‘match worthy’ sports for women

#SportsMatches per 200 Swipes

Dan Cartner, Senior Marketing and E-commerce Manager from commented:

Due to the increase in dating app activity over the lockdown period, we were curious to discover which sportspeople were most likely to get swiped right on Tinder. We were pleasantly surprised to see yoga rank so highly for men on the app, and glad to see cycling and climbing are popular amongst both genders. 

Although this study is a bit of fun, the most important thing when it comes to sport is enjoying yourself, so whatever it is that gets you moving stick to it. Because it’s no fun standing still.

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