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20g Of Protein In Two Easy-To-Eat Portions…

SiS Protein Bar Dark Chocolate Raspberry - £32.99

Science in Sport (SiS) has just unveiled their highly anticipated Protein Bars, catering specifically to active individuals seeking a convenient and delectable means of increasing their protein intake.

Renowned for their unwavering trust from elite athletes, SiS has once again managed to combine innovation, scrumptious flavours, and a superior texture in their latest offering.

Each of these revolutionary bars boasts a remarkably soft protein centre, skillfully crafted for optimal taste. To add a delightful crunch to every bite, they are enveloped in a gooey caramel and protein-crisp coating.

Topping it all off is a smooth and velvety chocolate layer. With four irresistible flavours to choose from—Cookies and Cream, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate Peanut, and White Chocolate Fudge—the SiS Protein Bars truly cater to a variety of taste preferences.

What sets these bars apart is not only their palatability but also their nutritional prowess. Each 64g bar is packed with a generous 20g blend of whey and milk protein, carefully formulated to support muscle growth and enhance protein consumption.

Furthermore, the inclusion of 22g of carbohydrates aids in replenishing energy levels and facilitates a speedy recovery process. And fear not, for these bars are mindful of sugar content, containing only 3g per serving, resulting in a mere 258 kcal per bar.

SiS takes the safety and well-being of their consumers seriously. All of their products bear the Informed-Sport Certification, ensuring that every batch undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee the absence of banned substances.

This unique commitment to testing provides athletes with the utmost confidence, knowing that there is no risk of cross-contamination jeopardizing their peak performance.

According to Casey Walker, SiS Head of New Product Development, the secret behind the Protein Bars lies in their proprietary protein blend, which prominently features whey protein.

Renowned as the gold standard among proteins, whey protein boasts rapid digestion and a complete amino acid profile. These amino acids serve as the fundamental building blocks for muscle, bones, tendons, ligaments, and more.

The inclusion of milk protein alongside whey ensures a sustained release of amino acids, effectively combatting muscle breakdown.

Additionally, SiS Protein Bars are enriched with collagen, an essential component for maintaining healthy joints, muscles, and skin.

By incorporating cutting-edge scientific research, these bars empower individuals to achieve their protein goals, expedite recovery, and continually push their performance boundaries.

Whether you engage in weight training or endurance-based sports, it is recommended to consume these protein bars within 30 minutes post-exercise.

Doing so ensures that the protein content contributes effectively to muscle mass growth and maintenance. Furthermore, these bars can be enjoyed throughout the day as a protein-packed snack, helping to sustain energy levels when consumed as part of a well-rounded and balanced diet, which includes whole-food protein sources.

Joining SiS’s illustrious Protein20 range, the new SiS Protein Bar provides an enticing vegan-friendly alternative. Packed with 20g of protein derived from a blend of soya protein isolate, pea protein isolate, and pumpkin seed protein, these bars cater to a diverse range of dietary preferences.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to fuel your active lifestyle with a truly remarkable protein experience.