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São Paulo: The Epicenter of Convergence For NFL and The Three FIA Categories

Gustavo Pires

In an unprecedented move, São Paulo is about to witness a historic milestone with the convergence between the NFL, Formula 1, Formula E, and WEC.

By becoming the first city in the world to host this prestigious quartet of competitions, the Brazilian metropolis ascends as the global epicentre of sports.

The union of these three major sports categories creates an unprecedented energetic combination.

The NFL, known for its passion and intensity in American football, will ally with Formula 1, the premier category of world motorsport, Formula E, the electric car championship, and WEC, the World Endurance Championship, involving endurance races.

São Paulo, already dominant in three FIA categories – Formula 1, Formula E, and WEC – solidifies its status as a mega-event hub, attracting drivers, teams, and enthusiasts from around the world to its thrilling tracks.

With its passion for sports and unwavering fan support, the city continues to shine as a notable centre for motor racing.

The NFL regular season game in São Paulo, scheduled for 2024, is expected to generate around US$60 million (approximately R$291 million).

This estimate, made by Gustavo Pires, president of SPTuris, a company directly linked to the São Paulo City Hall, reveals the magnitude of the economic impact generated by this unique event.

It is worth noting that the four combined events have an economic impact exceeding R$3 billion for the city, surpassing the R$2 billion generated by Formula 1 this year.

São Paulo’s selection to host the three main FIA categories and be the first city in South America to receive the North American Football League reinforces its status as a global mega-event hub.

The impact of these events is already being felt, as evidenced by the peak hotel occupancy in March 2023, reaching an average of 77%.

The arrival of events such as Coldplay, Formula E, Lollapalooza, The Town, Formula 1, UFC, and Taylor Swift, as well as trade fairs, congresses, and business conventions, boosted the tourism sector, surpassing R$17 billion in revenue last year, according to Fecomércio.

Additionally, the city was recognized as the “best global music city” by Music Cities Events, linked to the UN.

Gustavo Pires, president of SPTuris, plays a key role in this scenario. Starting his career in the public sector at the age of 19 and now leading one of the largest events and tourism companies in Brazil, he contributes significantly to São Paulo’s consolidation as a global hub for events and tourism.

Gustavo Pires’ 2024 Outlook: Financial Projections Anticipate the Seismic Impact of the FIA Triad and the NFL in São Paulo

Gustavo Pires

In a teamwork context, leadership influence and support play a crucial role in achieving collective goals. Under the guidance of São Paulo Mayor Ricardo Nunes, this effective commitment becomes a vital element in the synergy among team members.

Currently, as President of SPTuris, Gustavo has the mission of leading one of the largest events and tourism companies in Brazil. SPTuris operates with a focus on producing, capturing, and supporting more than 2500 events in the city of São Paulo, impacting job creation and income.

Additionally, the company also promotes and publicizes the city as a tourist destination, contributing to its economic development and international projection.

With his vision and expertise, Gustavo Pires has stood out as a key player in the success of events and tourism in São Paulo, contributing to the city’s consolidation as an important hub for events and tourism in Brazil and worldwide. His performance has had a positive impact.

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