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How Olympic Gold Medallist Rebecca Adlington Struggled With Body Confidence At The Swimming Pool

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Olympic gold swimming champion Rebecca Adlington tells the Wellness That Works podcast by WW (Weight Watchers reimagined) that she struggles with body confidence and wouldn’t walk poolside without wrapping herself in a towel.

But she is in no hurry to get in shape. The  31-year-old gave birth to son Albie in March 2020 and says she is being gentle on her body. 

“I’ve just given birth. My body is not in good shape and I’m still in my maternity costume. I can deal with swimming, but not other things. If I went for a run, I might pee myself,” she says.

Speaking in her role as an ambassador for Everyone Active, one of the UK’s largest leisure centre providers, which has joined forces with WW, Rebecca also talked about working with them on a swimwear policy which ruled that people can wear any type of tight clothing in their swimming pools. 

Rebecca explains: “For a lot of people, swimwear is the thing they worry about the most. Everyone Active has been really inclusive and made it so that you can wear any tight fitting garments and that takes away some of the barriers that might prevent somebody from swimming.”

There was little time for exercise during lockdown as Rebecca found herself homeschooling her five-year-old daughter Summer and looking after newborn Albie, who was born in March 2020, while her partner Andrew Parsons went out to work each day.

“There were moments when my partner would come home from work and I would burst into tears and say ‘Today was a bit much.’ Trying to manage work and children on my own was difficult and I couldn’t escape. I love my home, but I just want to go somewhere where I can switch my phone off and not have to cook and clean.”.

Other highlights from the interview include: 

• She reveals that she feels ill if she doesn’t get her 5 a day. 

• Rebecca didn’t share her dream of winning a gold at Beijing, in case she was ridiculed. “My goal was to make the final of one of my events,” she says. 

• She talks about the sacrifices she had to make to be a world-class champion

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