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New Survey Reveals Biggest Reason For Not Going On That Diet

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The biggest barrier to diet and lifestyle changes for greater health is putting it off until tomorrow, according to a new survey.

As millions of Brits strive for longer, healthier lives, a new survey shows that men and women put off simple changes until the next day.

And guess what? Tomorrow never comes! And there always seems to be an excuse! Holidays, weddings, birthdays, a bad day in the office, a good day in the office!

The survey was commissioned by SmarterNaturally, who produce a ‘super soup’ made from a special type of broccoli which is rich in glucoraphanin – a natural health-boosting molecule that research suggests can help lower blood sugar, a key risk factor for type-2 diabetes.

SmarterNaturally soup in a bowl

The research of men and women over 35 years of age was carried out to highlight why people find it so hard to change their diet and lifestyle for the better, despite being aware of the health benefits that, without change, could lead to long-term health complications.

As an example, a diagnosis of prediabetes gives patients a window to take action. But 20% of prediabetics go on to develop diabetes within 5 years. Often patients are told to change their diet and exercise more – but compliance is generally low, and many fail to bring their blood sugar levels back under control.

The SmarterNaturally survey carried out by Attest found that most people put off going on a diet as events get in the way which causes the ‘there’s always tomorrow’ mentality (26.4%).

Other popular reasons for not complying to health guidance was because often diet changes focus too much on what ‘I can’t have’, rather than what ‘I can have’ (19.5%). Other reasons included ‘I don’t have time’ (11.9%) and ‘it’s too difficult’ (11.5%).

Interestingly, the data showed that as we age the struggle with diet and lifestyle changes shifts to ‘diets focus too much on what ‘I can’t have’, rather than what ‘I can have’ (voted by 30.5% of age 65+ respondents) and not surprisingly the emphasis on ‘I don’t have time’ dropped to as little as 6.1%

This shows the preference for the older generation wanting to be reinforced with positive diet and lifestyle changes, rather than restricting them and telling them things they can’t do.

A spokesperson for SmarterNaturally said: “Again and again, scientific research into our health is showing us that diet and exercise play a huge role in our health, and that eating a large variety of fruits and vegetables in our diet is critically important – particularly as we get older.

In fact, recent research has suggested that the previous recommendation to eat 5 pieces of fruit & vegetables a day, should actually be 10, which is overwhelming many and causing them to put it off until ‘tomorrow’.

The other extreme is that people are constantly told what they can’t or shouldn’t eat which can become very restrictive and unsustainable over time.”

“That’s one reason we created SmarterNaturally’s ‘Super Soup’. A tasty instant broccoli soup that is something simple and easy that consumers can add into their life to improve their health. Clinical trials have shown that it only needs to be consumed once a week to help make a difference to one’s health.

What makes the soup unique is that it is naturally rich in an active molecule called glucoraphanin, which turns on antioxidant genes in our cells to keep the metabolism healthy and working efficiently.

An ageing metabolism puts us at a greater risk of all kinds of diseases, from diabetes to heart disease to cancer, so we’re really excited by the potential of our soup to help support health as we age.”

The benefits of broccoli have been gaining traction as a super-food, but not all broccoli varieties are the same. 

This new, unique variety of broccoli is called GRextra. Grown in the UK, it has now been formulated into a ‘super-soup’.

What makes SmarterNaturally soup special is its very high levels of a health-boosting molecule called glucoraphanin. Once in our gut, this molecule’s active form (called sulforaphane) turns on antioxidant genes in our cells, which can help maintain a healthier metabolism – particularly as we age.

A healthier, younger metabolism is linked to all kinds of health benefits, including, lower blood pressure, protection against heart disease and reduced risk of some forms of cancer. But for now, SmarterNaturally are focussing on supporting people with high blood sugar levels.

The soup has been developed by scientists at the Quadrum Institute, a centre for food and health research that combines the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals’ endoscopy centre and the University of East Anglia’s Norwich Medical School.

The special broccoli was discovered growing wild in Sicily by professor Richard Mithen. After more than two decades of research, it’s now finally available to people looking to stay healthier as they get older.

One bowl of tasty SmarterNaturally Soup contains the same amount of active glucoraphanin as eating 5+ heads of raw broccoli, and at a similar cost (£5).

A spokesperson for SmarterNaturally said: “There’s a growing body of research suggesting that eating high levels of glucoraphanin in your diet could have a range of health benefits beyond reducing elevated blood sugar too – such as contributing to reducing cholesterol, helping to prevent heart disease and even helping slow or prevent the growth of some cancers. 

And since one bowl of SmarterNaturally soup contains much more glucoraphanin (our current harvest contains five times more glucoraphanin) than any other product on the market, it has a very low impact on lifestyle and it is easy and simple to stick to.”