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How PXG is Disrupting the Golf Apparel Industry

pxg golf apparel

PXG has always been a hotbed for innovation, quality, and performance, and its latest apparel collection is no different.

Under the direction of Renee Parsons, President & Executive Creative Director of PXG Apparel, the Fall/Winter 2020 Collection takes us on a journey that steps off the golf course and into the broader world.

The collection brings you playfully reimagined casualwear and classic golf apparel, with an edge.


The Fall/Winter Collection introduces striking patterns to meet the needs of modern, fashion-conscious golfers.

Pushing the boundaries of classic golf attire, PXG has integrated signature prints and new designs to fill the void between high-end fashion and high-performance golf clothing.

From the subtle Infinity Logo and Pin Flag golf polos to the bolder Big Logo and checkered pieces, there’s a look to fit every style.


Also introduced with this collection is PXG’s signature Fairway Camo™ print. This custom print is made up of overlapping shapes that represent the fairways at Scottsdale National Golf Club, birthplace of PXG.



Parsons draws her inspiration from a long-time love of fine art and fashion, as well as her own experiences on the course.

She combines that inspiration with fresh styling and a keen eye for detail. Dog tag zipper pulls, logoed snaps instead of standard plastic buttons, asymmetrical lines, color blocking, textured fabrics, and pebble leather detailing can be found across the collection.

Pockets, pleats, and seamlines are strategically placed for function and flattery. It’s these seemingly minute features that help elevate PXG Apparel to a place of high fashion and high function.


In terms of fabric, the Fall/Winter Collection brings us luxury in the form of leather, wool, goose down, and cozy cashmere.

Each material has been carefully selected to not only look and feel great but also provide maximum performance and comfort on and off the golf course.

Many of the pieces feature UPF 50+ protection, quick-dry, moisture-wicking, and four-way stretch technology.

Fabrics like Polartec® fleece and brushed jersey have been strategically incorporated into many of the sweater and jacket designs to protect a golfer’s range of motion.


Versatility is another key differentiator for PXG Apparel. Whether it’s on the fairway or open road, the collection both fits in and commands attention wherever you go. Follow the Styled By Renee blog for inspiration on how to wear PXG Apparel.

With performance and adaptability at its core, PXG Apparel gives you the potential to conquer the day – or night – in style, regardless of what’s on the agenda. Shop PXG’s latest apparel collections here.