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Unlock Greatness With The Puma Spectra Pack

Future Neymar 7
© Puma

PUMA has launched the Spectra Pack, as part of PUMA’s ‘Only See Great’ platform, aimed to spark a spirit of optimism, self-belief, hope and community in a year PUMA hope will bring moments of greatness in sport.

The Spectra Pack features the FUTURE Z 1.1 and ULTRA 1.2 football boots in bright, brilliant graphics inspired by bands of refracted color, pushing you to see beyond the ordinary and create moments that give meaning and importance to the sport: from the final rounds of the club season to the finals of major international championships. 

Great is everywhere. It’s in the streets, on the pitches and the parks. It is a promise you make to yourself to never look back and to never back down. No matter what. Great starts when you look past mediocre, ok and good, Now is the time to ‘Only See Great’.

The FUTURE Z 1.1 has been crafted to enhance the playing style of the world’s most creative and entertaining players.

Built around an adaptive FUZIONFIT+ compression band, the boot provides optimal lock-in and support for explosive movements.

The upper is made of an innovative knitted material coated with a thin layer of GripControl Pro to provide the superior touch and ball control.

A cutting-edge Dynamic Motion System outsole has been developed for advanced traction to drive the opposition craZy.

The ULTRA 1.2 has been engineered for ultimate speed. For the players who leave the opposition in their dust.

The ULTRA features an ultra-lightweight MATRYXEVO upper to provide superior stability, durability and traction for explosive forward motion, speed and acceleration.

The feeling of velocity is built into the explosive design by combining the fully engineered MATRYXEVO upper with an instinctive Peba SpeedUnit outsole, creating the ultimate weapon for speed.

The lightweight Peba SpeedUnit outsole features a split sole design inspired by PUMA’s track running heritage.

The soleplate combines subtle spikes in the forefront and V-shaped studs configured for lightning speed and acceleration.

A thin GripControl Pro skin is applied in key areas to provide complete control on the ball at uncatchable speeds.

Unlock greatness with the PUMA Spectra Pack, available on pre-sale from April 2nd at and key football accounts, with global release on April 8th at, PUMA stores and at leading football retailers worldwide.