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Puma Celebrates Its Newest Velophasis Sneaker With The Launch Of ‘Velophasis Sound’


PUMA, the epitome of cutting-edge fashion and innovation, unveils its latest endeavour, VELOPHASIS SOUND, in a resounding celebration of the newest additions to the esteemed VELOPHASIS lineage.

This exquisite hybrid sneaker, drawing inspiration from the captivating aesthetic of the 2000s, takes centre stage as PUMA embarks on a transformative journey of sonorous bliss.

In a bid to harmoniously merge next-generation melodies with the tapestry of cultural events this summer, PUMA astutely harnesses the inherent power of sound through its visionary VELOPHASIS SOUND system.

This modern marvel, born from the avant-garde design philosophy of the VELOPHASIS silhouette itself, shall grace three pivotal cultural moments throughout the season, setting the stage ablaze and providing an unparalleled platform for the burgeoning talents that define contemporary music.

VELOPHASIS SOUND, an irresistible sensory spectacle, captivates sneaker aficionados and fashion connoisseurs alike, beckoning them to witness the future of sound and fashion unfold before their very eyes. Prepare to be mesmerized.

Enveloping the summer airwaves, the illustrious PUMA x PLEASURES OVERDYED VELOPHASIS collection heralds a new era of artistic expression.

This groundbreaking collaboration artfully fuses PLEASURES’ profound understanding of subcultural musical codes with PUMA’s resplendent array of retrofuturistic footwear offerings.

The outcome? A symphony of visual splendour, steeped in the unmistakable design language of Y2K culture.

As the world anxiously awaits, PUMA’s VELOPHASIS SOUND will make its grand debut during Paris Fashion Week, seamlessly aligning with the city’s iconic Fête de la Musique lineup.

On the 21st of June, from 11:00 to 15:00, PUMA invites the public to join their enchanting celebration at the Pleasures Showroom, located at the illustrious 62 Rue Du Turenne, 75003, Paris.

Brace yourselves, for this, is just the beginning. Further revelations and alluring details regarding forthcoming VELOPHASIS SOUND activations will be unveiled throughout the captivating journey that is 2023.

This summer, allow yourself to succumb to the captivating rhythm of VELOPHASIS SOUND as PUMA presents an exclusive lineup of extraordinary DJs and artists.

These exceptionally talented individuals, carefully curated by PUMA, include the sensational Glasgow-based DJ and producer Taahliah, the London-raised and Nigerian-born singer/songwriter and model Chi Virgo, the mesmerizing rapper Len, the remarkable British-Nigerian DJ PinkPantheress Jjess, the ethereal emerging songstress Highlyy, and the illustrious recipient of the Ivor Novello Rising Star award, Willow Kayne.

First introduced in January, the VELOPHASIS sneaker took the world by storm with its audaciously exaggerated silhouette, adorned with a captivating fusion of technical and performance materials.

Now, this coveted sneaker undergoes a transformation, a metamorphosis of customized allure, courtesy of the peerless artistry of PLEASURES.

Through a meticulous process of vivid purple overdyeing, the shoe attains a uniquely personalized character, with the colour treatment seamlessly embracing the sole, lending it an alluring pre-worn aesthetic.

The PUMA x PLEASURES OVERDYED VELOPHASIS collection will be available for enraptured souls starting from the 24th of June, 2023.

Be sure to secure your pair of these breathtaking sneakers from,, select PUMA flagship stores, and handpicked retailers, for they are destined to become the veritable crown jewels of your sartorial repertoire.