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PUMA Palermo OG ‘Navy’ (2023) – Classic Style Meets Modern Comfort


PUMA, is bringing back the Palermo, a legendary shoe that holds a special place among terrace culture and pays homage to the coastal capital of Sicily, Italy.

The return of the Palermo OG was initially hinted at by PUMA collaborator and ambassador, Dua Lipa, in early 2023. Now, it is set to make its official comeback.

The shoe first gained popularity in the 1980s among football fans, particularly those who frequented the terraces of stadiums.

The 2023 edition of the Palermo retains the shoe’s original blue-and-white colourway, capturing its retro aesthetic. It features a classic T-toe construction, reminiscent of its original design, along with a gum sole that adds to its vintage appeal.

The signature PUMA tag, adorned with gold lettering, adds a touch of elegance to the shoe. Additionally, the iconic PUMA cat logo can be found on the heel.

Originally, the Palermo was part of a special sneaker series by PUMA that paid tribute to some of Europe’s most famous capitals, including London and Oslo.

As a result, the shoe has become an integral part of PUMA’s history and continues to evoke a strong sense of football nostalgia.

To honour its namesake city in Sicily, the August release of the Palermo OG will include two additional colourways. These vibrant schemes draw inspiration from Palermo’s iconic fruit vendors, locally known as fruttivendolo. This addition adds a unique and lively touch to the collection.

The PUMA Palermo OG will be available for purchase starting from July 7. Interested customers can find it on PUMA’s official website, PUMA flagship stores, and selected PUMA stockists.

It presents an exciting opportunity for fans of the shoe to relive its heritage and embrace its connection to terrace culture.