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PUMA and Modibodi Launch NEW Period Leggings And Running Shorts

puma x modibodi athletes

PUMA and absorbent apparel brand Modibodi®, have developed a series of Period Pep Talks with world-class female athletes – designed to encourage women and girls to stay in sport.

As part of the Period Pep Talk campaign, PUMA and Modibodi have designed a revolutionary new patent-pending period activewear collection.

Launching this October, the new range will help women, girls and people who menstruate to feel comfortable and confident playing sport and being active during their period.

Period Pep Talks are a response to a globally commissioned report* that uncovered 1 in 2 girls quit sport due to periods.

The talks feature world-class athletes including NRLW star Tiana Penitani, European sprinter Jodie Williams, and former professional race car driver Naomi Schiff, who directly address young girls and teens who are considering leaving the sport they love due to puberty and menstruation. The athletes share their own stories and experiences to help encourage girls to keep their head in the game.

“The data from our global report in May 2022, showed women and girls believe periods need to be more openly discussed in the sports world.

puma x modibodi leggings
© PUMA / Modibodi

That’s why we are proud to partner with PUMA to create the Period Pep Talks, working with their athletes to raise this issue in our global consciousness,” says Sarah Forde, Modibodi Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs.

PUMA Athlete Jodie Williams says: “I think it’s important for female athletes to share their stories and be as open as we can to help destigmatise the challenges of menstruating whilst competing.

This is a global issue and one that will take us all speaking out to break down the taboo. The PUMA x Modibodi Period Pep Talks are an awesome way to connect with girls who are considering dropping out of sport and help to normalise menstruation. We need to tackle the stigma that women can’t be active on their periods or when experiencing any of life’s leaks.” 

According to PUMA Athlete Tiana Penitani: “I remember hitting puberty and finding it so hard to play on the field. The bulkiness of pads, the discomfort of tampons and the fear of leaking every month made me really nervous to play.

One of the things I love about the new PUMA x Modibodi activewear is how they are designed to support the body whilst menstruating and in movement so you can play without fear of leaking or the discomfort of disposables. It’s so freeing!”

PUMA Athlete Naomi Schiff says: “It is such a shame that the stigma around periods has and continues to hold girls back when it comes to sport.

The PUMA x Modibodi collaboration not only brings innovation to the activewear market but it gives us girls and women wearable options that make it easier to be active at any point during a cycle.

It also opens up the opportunity for a bigger change in the cultural conversation around the perceptions of periods in sport.”

The ground-breaking range combines Modibodi’s unique patent pending Activewear Technology with world-class expertise from PUMA. With a design showcasing innovation at its very best, the collection consists of two styles of activewear: leggings and cycle shorts with both styles available in two colours; aubergine and black.

This is the second instalment from the PUMA x Modibodi powerhouse collaboration, after launching their first period and leak-proof underwear range in May this year.

“With 50 per cent of girls experiencing discomfort from disposable menstrual products like pads and tampons when participating in sport or physical exercise, we felt it was important to design a range of leak-proof activewear that would make playing sport on your period more comfortable, more protected, and more possible than ever,” says Erin Longin, Global Director Running and Training business unit at PUMA.

The PUMA x Modibodi activewear collection is available in selected stores and online at and